Top 5 Legend of Zelda Games

Clickonline writes "New Zelda game this Friday. A Link Between Worlds drops for the 3DS family on Nov 22nd. This is cause for celebration, for jubilation and for mercilessly ranking your childhood treasures according to my own personal tastes!
[Insert evil laugh here]"

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higgins781727d ago

A fair list, however, I would personally swap places 1 and 2 for each other, placing A Link to the Past first and Wind Waker second. Skyward Sword a very worthy third, a much, much (hardly underrated, the critics loved it, rightly so) undervalued "Legend of", I simply cant imaging going back to traditional controls now.

My least favourite Zelda? While an absolutely fabulous game in its own right, I simply felt that Twilight Princess was the first time for the series Nintendo played it safe, feeling like it did more a best of without having its own strong identity.