Diehard GameFAN: Senran Kagura Burst Review

DHGF: Senran Kagura Burst is the ultimate guilty pleasure if there ever was one. The beat-’em-up combat emphasizes dodging and air combos to succeed, and remains addictive throughout the duration of both story campaigns. The story mode is fairly lengthy for a game of this genre and contains a number of optional missions in order to enhance it further. Sadly, there’s no leaderboards or co-op mode in the game despite having a scoring system and gameplay that would lend itself well to multiplayer. Be forewarned, though, that if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of large breasted women losing their clothes while taking damage, this may not be the game for you. For everyone else, this is one of the best eShop releases I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year. Just don’t forget a large capacity SD card.

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