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"It’s easy to see a new franchise in Ryse; one that could potentially rival God Of War if it maintains the momentum of the latter half of the campaign. However, the gameplay is so rote and uninspired that it merely hints at a more robust and rewarding experience that it fails to deliver. Ultimately, it makes for a few hours of passing entertainment, but it’s certainly not one for the history books."

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insomnium21579d ago

The usual suspects are bound to be a bit salty cause of these reviews. Ryse has been a 7/10-game in my books for the longest of time.

Boody-Bandit1579d ago

"Ryse has been a 7/10-game in my books"

I honestly thought it would be hard pressed to hit a 6 and it looks like overall it's going to fall under that number. It was too RUSHED. Not that Crytek knows how to make a stellar game but it could've been better if MS wasn't rushing games out the door just to have some exclusives at launch.

Ryse is on of the launch titles that screams, WE JUST NEED MORE TIME!"

insomnium21578d ago

My gosh 18 disagrees so far? So you guys really ARE salty as hell over this. This plaze iz overrun by PS4 fanboys right?

GarrusVakarian1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Wu Tang


Lmao, that was a complete shot in the dark, surprised to see i was right XD.

first1NFANTRY1579d ago

lol bubs for catching onto it :)

VaporCell1579d ago

Rival Gow ?? Lmao really dude

2paclives1579d ago

Finally the xbonerz can weep in their corners with these over-hyped, underwhelming games. I think i'll wait next year to get a xbone.

crypticphildz1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

This game is not for everyone, definitely mixed reviews. But I am happy that Crytek tried to do something a little different with their combat system. If you havent had a chance check out the Kotaku Review
And all the PS4 Fanboys saying haha told you so its still getting better Reviews then Knack(see )so lets just enjoy the games and know not every game is going to get 8s and 9s. Even Xbox One games.

SwordandShield1579d ago

Agreed, I still enjoyed Knack even though it got ripped apart by xbox fanboys. I'm sure some will enjoy Ryse even though it's getting ripped by sony fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.