Call of Duty Patch 1.04 Now Live on Playstation 3

Reports are coming in that a 167mb patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts is now available and that you’ll be able to download it for yourself the next time you boot the game up on your PlayStation 3.

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kiz26941762d ago

I could of sworn the title said PS4... Im PS4 blind! Need .... too.... stopp.... playing...!

komp1762d ago

Yes I can see your eyes are very red.

Oagoz1762d ago

I got the ps4 patch yesterday

MysticStrummer1762d ago

Hopefully they'll patch PS4's version soon to keep the game from exceeding 60fps. Who knew superior hardware would be such a problem? ; )

MegaMohsi1762d ago

ps4 has already been patched to 1.05. You can check what version by going to the game hitting options and selecting information.