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"Ryse will undoubtedly exceed your expectations with its interesting story and unbelievable visuals. Combat might get repetitive, but you'll enjoy your time as a Roman soldier."

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JokesOnYou1462d ago

Wow another good Ryse review. Glad some like it.

TheEnigma3131462d ago

Are you delusional? This game has been getting slammed. Maybe some will like it.

theBAWSE1462d ago

lol don't worry bout joy.. his hurting

his one of the Xbox fanboys that touted this game in every argument...

resogun highest rated launch game this gen

TheEnigma3131462d ago

Resogun is efffing amazing.

XB1_PS41462d ago

Everybody needs to just stfu, both sides have bad games.. I'm glad I don't give a shit about either console enough to be butt hurt by scores; Because you guys are unending.

theBAWSE1462d ago

@xb1.... yet you comment.. derp derp

beebap1462d ago

People called the ps4 the indiestation with no games well reviews are now out and both system launch have games with similar scores ranging from low to pretty good but the killer launch game is resogun a indie which is free with plus...who could of predicted this.

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Bigpappy1462d ago

Yeah. I believe I am going to totally enjoy this game. I can understand that some people want more out of the combat, but as I have said, I have play games with repetitive combat before and completely enjoyed them. I am about 90% sure that I am going to enjoy this one too. I bought many games that got 9 and 10/10 and could get half way through the games. This game has the personality that I know would entertain me.

asyouburn1462d ago

I agree. Play what you like man. A lot of my favorites got average reviews at best. Just goes to show you that other peoples opinions are just that....opinions.

pyramidshead1462d ago

It's becoming a wee bit of a joke.....on you. lol "locked at 30" ;/

dale_denton1462d ago

when Knack got a 3.5 you said it was garbage.. so it's okay for ryse to get a 3.5 tho right?

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akaFullMetal1462d ago

Looks like ryse is going to average a 7, not bad.

kiz26941462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Do math. jeez you guys are still holding on to this game! its mediocre deal with it.

[email protected] wow didnt realise you had the game! There is not enough information out about deep down to have a good enough judgement over it. I'm still uncertain but im interested to what you think about whats wrong with it as you seem to have played it?

shammgod1462d ago

Deep down, people know this game is not going to be good. It's unfortunate their fanboyism is going to blind them from this and they are going to waste $60 and support a developer that typically puts out lacking games. Sure, the game may look great, but that only get you so far

LoveOfTheGame1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Read his comment again, but realize he is talking about Ryse.

Deep down is a phrase and a game title lol.

Edit: Also Deep Down(the game) is looking a little disappointing from where it was at E3, but could turn out good. I have my doubts though.

kiz26941462d ago

Oh I see,feel silly now haha, honest mistake :P sorry shammgod, in that case I completely agree with you :P

akaFullMetal1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Don't get defensive, I'm not gettin this game or an xbox one for a while. I just thought for a game like this, where mostly it looks pretty but shallow gamplay, it wasn't a bad score. I mean who didn't see this coming, it looked bland gameplay wise when it was first announced. Which I guess from crytek isn't too surprising. But seriously, why are you so hostile?

kiz26941462d ago

Sorry akaFullMetal, I just thought you were not seeing the rest of the reviews and just looking at the "okay" ones. Ryse is not an average 7 according to meta critic.

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TheEnigma3131462d ago

Nah, It's averaging in the 5-6 range.

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redevils1462d ago

who cares..everybody has its own perception.

cell9891462d ago

the guy from Ryse looks like Vitor Belfort lol