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Ancient Rome was a brutal place. You can read about it in the history books, or you can relive it one bloody body at a time in the new Xbox One exclusive video game, Ryse: Son of Rome. Microsoft has positioned this game as the marquee title for its new video game console, and it’s right to do so. Developer Crytek’s execution on Ryse seemed a little iffy earlier this year, as gamers reacted strongly to relatively weak demos.

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iGAM3R-VIII1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Woah that's quite high when you compare it to the average review score. I can see why this game is getting some bad reviews though

kneon1730d ago

Well it balances out some of the 3's it's been getting.

FamilyGuy1730d ago

*Scratches head*

That isn't how "balance" works. All this is doing is superfluously raising the average score by being far higher than any other site. It's just as bad as when one site gives a highly rated game a overly conspicuous extremely low score.

It "balances" nothing, in fact it's the opposite of balance as it throws a mark out of place.

Don't get me wrong (though anyone might have already before reading this far), I'm not saying that he didn't enjoy the game this much. I'm just saying it's a peculiar thing to see given all the other sites ranging from 4-7 out of 10.

kneon1730d ago

But the 3's are probably unfairly low, just as this score is most likely unjustifiably high, so they do sort of balance out.

But if you were doing a statistical analysis often such outliers may given less weighting or ignored entirely.

n4rc1730d ago

It has nothing to do with balancing reviews... You guys try to read into everything..

Its a simple matter of gameplay being a personal opinion.. Just because one reviewer didn't like it doesn't mean another won't.. Or you wont

Knack got crap scores yet people are still enjoying it.

Think of review scores as the oscars of gaming... They dont reflect reality for everyone

JokesOnYou1730d ago

Hmm yeah much higher than most. Oh well I fully expect that it's generally closer to the other lower reviews but it's nice that some liked it. I'm going to check it out for myself real soon.

BLAKHOODe1730d ago

I'm going to wait for it to hit the bargain bin classics section for $20.

n4rc1730d ago

Or buy it for 60 day one and trade it in for 40 when your done.. Lol

That's what I'm doing

Drekken1730d ago

Of course you are going to check it out. You would check out Microsoft's colonoscopy simulator.

Mystogan1730d ago

Metacritic is 61. That means it's worth a try in my book

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TRD4L1fe1730d ago

reviews are opinions and everyone has different opinions

tigertom531730d ago

this site also gave Knack a 70 score...

JimmyDM901730d ago

...They also gave Resogun its lowest rating at a 65...

tigertom531730d ago

I will have to check that out

KillrateOmega1730d ago


They gave Resogun a 65? Wow, man. The general opinion of Resogun seems to be that it is a great game both in terms of graphical fidelity and gameplay value.


tigertom531730d ago

yeah seems a little low but I guess he has a opinion must not of been his type of game lol but I think most people will like Resogun

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VENOMACR12271730d ago

Yes this is one of the higher scores. I tend to go with the lower scores as a more accurate gauge of this game since the majority are around 6/10. If there were more positive reviews I'd lean that way, but general census is the game just "OK." But then again some X1 owners might love it.

osprey191730d ago

Hmmm, well i think its what the expectations of the reviewer were b4 playing ryse effects it. Ive played it and personally i loved it.

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FlunkinMonkey1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

It's lucky its got this review, would have been lower than knack on metacritic otherwise..

B-radical1730d ago

Ryse- 60%

Basically same thing

Omran1730d ago

except they didn't hype it too much (knack)
like what microsoft did to ryse :)

FlunkinMonkey1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )


Because who needs logic and common sense, right?

VENOMACR12271730d ago


Well at least you gave a good explanation lol. If you really want to see a game that sucks, look at that Lococycle or whatever that piece of crap is. Knack isn't my type of game, but I'm sure it doesn't suck.

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Bathyj1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I was thinking, Ryse is turning out to be Xbones Knack, only Ryse is prettier and Knack is more playable.

I guess. Knack always looked boring to me, but it looks like its got an old school, no frills style of gameplay.

I think Ryse still looks fun, but I havent read the reviews yet, I just got home. I was guessing it would get 7's but seems to be doing a bit worse than that so I'm only assuming the gameplay just isnt there.

JokesOnYou1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Nah according to most reviews both were said to be boring and repetitive but Ryse just has next gen graphics.

I'm just dissapointed their both even in the same conversation, lol.

Patrick1730d ago

Actually knack is quite a bit of old school fun, you should give it a try if you own a PS4, but I wouldn't buy a PS4 just to play it.

OrangePowerz1730d ago

It was originally a Kinect game and the gameplay shows that because it still looks gameplay wise like something that could be played with Kinect.

pyramidshead1730d ago

Must be the highest review score I've seen yet.

Yep1730d ago

Good to see different perspectives on the game. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of quick-time events so naturally the game has left a bad taste in my mouth since it's reveal. Visuals looks pretty sweet though.

raresteak1730d ago

Someone's getting a large cheque!

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