Super Mario 3D World - Launch Trailer

Nintendo released the launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1460d ago

I'm really thinking about getting back with Nintendo since their games are getting amazing reviews and the next gen console games are ok at best. I got a PS4 and the games just don't excite me at all.

R00bot1459d ago

Yeah, as you said the next gen consoles don't have heaps to offer right now, but the Wii U is just about to get a slew of exclusives and all the games it's getting are looking great from what we've seen.

Gemmol1459d ago

coming from ps3 only last gen, it is a great system, just a lot of sony brand loyaty fans and xbox fans will put it down because it say Nintendo on the box, but if that name was not there, its a great system with some really good games, I really miss out on Nintendo on the wii and you will too on the Wii U, if you do not give them a try

kirbyu1459d ago

It's cinda hard to believe this game looked bad at first.

R00bot1459d ago

Haha yeah, it looked way too similar to Super Mario 3D Land at the start, but it seems like that's only the first few levels that are like that (to ease the player in I guess).
Now it's obvious how inventive the level design is. Can't wait to get this game :)