CVG - Ryse: Son of Rome Review

There is a scene in Ryse: Son Of Rome which must rank among the dumbest moments to occur in a video game this year.

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pedrof931762d ago

And people complained when I said that the users rate for the game on smartglass should'nt be taken seriously.

Well I want an apology.

GuruMeditation1762d ago

I apologise (on behalf of people I have no right to speak for) for ever doubting you ;)

pyramidshead1762d ago

Things like that can be swayed in very simple ways. Compare that to the unverified one star reviews on the PS4 launch edition on amazon.

raresteak1762d ago

I apologise on behalf of human stupidity (otherwise known as xbox fandom)

raresteak1762d ago

I'm not sure what Crytek and MS could have been thinking pouring the efforts and resources into making this game.

You would think that they might have learned from (multiple) experience(s), but here they are. Now I wonder what they have planned for their next tech demo-flop episode.

......or maybe there really are as many people willing enough to buy this to meet their revenue targets. To each their own taste I guess.

iamnsuperman1762d ago

Because Crytek has never really made a great game. They make gorgeous games but not great games. For a launch of a console you need a pretty game to sell units. That is why this game was made (get the guys that make pretty games to make a really pretty game) just a shame that, apparently, is all there is to this game

amiga-man1762d ago

It amazes me how anyone has the gall to release such rubbish let alone charge full price for it.


welll....guess i'lll just be getting forza. ..damn...was hoping this game ended up being good.

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The story is too old to be commented.