In the Next Gen, “We Want to do more”;Lead Designer of Assassin’s Creed 4

The developers of Assassin’s Creed 4 are looking to push the limits of the new generation of consoles, says lead designer Jean-Sebastien Decant.

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KrisButtar1704d ago

I am loving AC4 and is one of the best AC games to date. I'm really surprised at how awesome the pirating is. Downside is the fleet management(like AC3L trading) and you don't seem to be able to train/recruit assassins, just generic crew members.

TheXD3051703d ago

AC4 is quite good. For me it's better than AC3 but I still like AC2 the most.

KrisButtar1703d ago

AC3 is the worst IMO. There were to many time skips. Connor had problems and it seemed like he even made the wrong choices by choice as from what I can remember now. AC3L gets a bad rep because of Conner. AC3L is a solid game and better than AC3 for sure.

I also liked AC2 but I played it back to back with Brotherhood and I can't seem to separate the two titles, so its a toss up between them both.

I love just sailing around being a pirate

MidnytRain1703d ago

Hard to push limits when annual releases are your top priority.

Lwhit61703d ago

Not true.
Just look at what they did with AC4

MidnytRain1703d ago

What? Release it as an unoptimized cash grab?

Lwhit61703d ago

1. You obviously haven't played it. Because I've had ONE glitch (Edward punched a guy from ten feet away) over 10+ hours of gameplay.
2. I think you're thinking of battlefield as an unoptimized cash grab.
3. Even so, I'll gladly shovel 60 bucks a year at Ubisoft if their games are this exciting and captivating as ac4 is

KrisButtar1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

My game has a bit of a glitch at times, when I'm boarding enemy ships, sometimes Ed won't go into combat mode until after he gets hit a couple times.

*played over 50 hours and has only happened 4 times

Edit: comment was for Lwhit6. Also I will continue to buy AC games yearly if they continue being this good or better

JackISbacK1703d ago

its good that they are planning to do it ,but its better to take the game to the end as soon as they can and also show their talent on other ip's which will be highligted more ,yeah i'am an die hard fan of ac series and that is only the reson i want it to end because i cant see my beloved to turn the worst ,yeah ac 4 was great but it does not happen every time and we must remember there were nothing new to assassin style gameplay but it was added with pirate style life which is very starnge for an assassin game, but still game was great, i want devs to make some last 2 to 3 games in franchise and take best time as they can ,if they take even 8 years for delivering final 3 games will still be best for me because i dont want 8 games in 8 years ,i want best 3 gamews in 8 years and giving their best ,i realy apreciate that even after every year launch game ,they are still able to provide amazing games and it is realy will be amazing to see an game with around 1000 devs working on a single game and taking time of almost 4 to 5 years will be amazing as we know in just 2 years they were able to provide such amazing experince and 4 years will be amazing.