One Piece: Romance Dawn Signature Moves Revealed

Namco Bandai Games Europe has announced new details about the moves available in their forthcoming One Piece: Romance Dawn. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive release promises to fulfil all One Piece fans’ expectations by offering them all the ingredients to live a real pirate adventure: sailing, fighting, hard choices and much more.

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FamilyGuy1764d ago

That looks nice but the game looks terrible.

Freakin anime pic dun' landed me in a 3DS topic

GentlemenRUs1764d ago

I know, TRAPS are a beach :(

Bhuahahaha1764d ago

dont care about the game i just click coz of the pic.

lol ~JK

Agent_00_Revan1764d ago

I didn't even know what the topic was about. Just saw the pic amd ran in.

UltimateMaster1764d ago

Lack of Japanise sex among the youth = overly sexual anime.
In general, not just One Piece in particular.

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Sarcasm1764d ago

I love how exaggerated anime is. Beautiful.

Acquiescence1764d ago

But in all honesty, it wouldn't have hurt to make her boobs a bit bigger.

Grave1764d ago

Looks like one of my exes ... liez.