Ryse: Son of Rome Review-Xbox Official Magazine

In the olden days, magazines would have excite-o-meters. These scientific devices measured the hype differentials surrounding a game, and calibrated them against a range of anticipation parameters, correcting for PR spin. The strangest thing about Ryse? Microsoft has been pushing it pretty hard, but none of that marketing has ever really translated into a twitch on the needle of the excite-o-meter. Mis-communications and radical changes in direction have left us too confused to be excited.

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Mr Pumblechook1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

How refreshing that a website has praised the game so much and given it one of the highest scores. Please don't go thinking that the high score is in any way related to the fact that this is the Official Xbox Magazine and that Future are contractually obliged to do that.

starchild1762d ago

There's another 7 right on the front page from VideoGamer.

SlapHappyJesus1762d ago

I am sure you took issue when all but one Playstation-centric magazine, as far as I can tell, averaged a 75+ for Shadowfall.

jackanderson19851762d ago

8 other sites also gave it a 7 or higher... 1 even gave it in the 80's

dirigiblebill1762d ago

Show me the bit in the contract where it reads "you must score all our exclusives 1111/10", then.

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neocores1762d ago

Highest i seen anywhere

georgenancy1762d ago

Official Xbox Magazine-nuff said

first1NFANTRY1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

so i guess it's safe to say the game is actually worst than what they claim?

Not that 7/10 is not a good score.

RAGE911762d ago

WHO THE FUCK CARES?! it's a game, only way to rate it is play it yourself.

obliteratorFTW1762d ago

Wow. I wasn't expecting OXM to give it good score. But hey 7 is bad score, remember kz was bashed for scoring 7.

cabbitwithscissors1762d ago

Now...3 choices of dishes...

1. leather boot
2. shorts
3. crow

varied methods of preparation for your delicate stomach. ;P

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