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Ryse: Son of Rome had potential, but Crytek did too little to expand upon its repetitive combat. While I ran through the campaign in about five hours, it honestly felt like 20. And with the formula becoming more and more boring with each by-the-numbers execution, the addition of throwaway collectibles, like vistas and scrolls, couldn't save this game. Ryse doesn't come close to living up to Roman standards

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Perjoss1766d ago

Cant say I'm surprysed...

GarrusVakarian1766d ago

Lmao, i see what you did tharrrr.

amiga-man1766d ago

B.. bu..but, look at the graphics

and xbots fell for it.

insomnium21766d ago

This is bound to get the ryse out of people who wished they had a good game cooking.

Enemy1766d ago

With all the hype, looks like it failed to ryse to the occasion.

G20WLY1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Dem scores :O

Look away everyone, it might hurt youRyse :(

Bigpappy1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yep Ryse did not entertain the Reviewers. I am a little disappointed, but not deterred from buying and playing it.

Kill Zone was a known established franchise and flagship for the PS4. If that was reviewed so harshly and still sold so many copies, surely the brutal new IP deserves me judging it for myself.

I can see the celebration has begun. The haters are here to proclaim victory. They no longer have to call the reviewers hateful and bias. Or may be they took M$ money and still gave it a 5 lol.

Sarcasm1766d ago

My favorite food from panda express is fried ryse and orange chicken.

GentlemenRUs1766d ago

Stop with all the Puns D:!

It's giving me a Ryse of a headache!

Boody-Bandit1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It's official, Ryse is flaccid.

Those of us being honest to ourselves knew exactly what this game was going to be. Nothing but pretty visuals to show your friends. When they ask, "can I play it?" You try to quickly distract them by saying yeah but first let me show you all the cool features the X1 has to offer us gamers. I mean it's an "ALL in ONE box" after all. Wanna watch some football?

I said last week when a ton of, well you know, were jumping on negative hardware issues and some less than stellar reviews. Guys, chillax. Another console is about to be launched and none of us know how it's going to play out with possible hardware issues and reviews.

Enjoy what you purchase. That's what it's all about after all. Just don't rub salt in the wounds like a lot were doing last week and than go run and hide for cover, which I knew was going to happen, when it's your sides turn to face the world of cynicism.

4Sh0w1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yeah Ryse isn't all we hoped it would be and while the fanboys laugh it's still better than Knack and the X1 launch lineup is still easily better than ps4 as most of the media acknowledge. lol, its funny how that same media in regards to Ryse is some how creditable again. Talk about hypocrites, I wonder how some of you look in the mirror. I like the xbox crowd though cause, nobody is freaking out, defending and blaming the media like ps fans do, just still positive and ready to finally enjoy these games. I know Ryse is a game I want to play but I don't need to bash the media to make me feel better about my decision.

insomnium21766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


Enjoy your short term "victory" I'll keep reminding you about the comments you make now after the years 3,4,5 and so forth come around in this new gen of consoles. We all know how sh*t went down with X360. That is exactly why you have more games at launch afterall. It'll be a barren wasteland of gaming after a couple of years with Xbone and I'll be pointing and laughing at your face every step of the way.

It's funny how you bring up that hypocrisy-card as if the PS-crowd was a single human being. I challenge you to find hypocrisy from my comment history. Instead of being a chicken s*it and hiding behind generalizations and such try to step up like a man and bring something tangiable to the table. I'm done with windbags like you.

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Perjoss1766d ago

sorry :(

I do like Crytek but shame on them for selling out and rushing a game for launch. Sad part is this game could have been great, it certainly looks pretty, at least in all the screens and videos.

AnteCash1766d ago

Whats the point of that grafix if it dips to 18 fps

mshh41766d ago

This too much people's x1 funs can't handle it.

RAGE911766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Still getting it, because I want to rate it for myself.


Disagrees? When did wether you choose a game or not become based on wether or not the review was good?

I'll buy this game and that way I know if it is a shit game.

Ron_Danger1766d ago

Just put Gladiator or 300 or Troy on your tv and hold a controller... You'll probably have a better time.

Sarcasm1766d ago

Going to do this with my dual shock 4

SwordandShield1766d ago

Good for you cause that's how it should be. Play the game and judge for yourself but these reviews are concerning for many.

G20WLY1766d ago

Maybe people are disagreeing to mean they won't buy the game?

Seems fair enough.

amiga-man1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Or simply that most people have more sense to not waste their money on this

chrissx1766d ago

Ryse can't seem to get rysen reviews

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