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"In practice, the roller coaster gameplay is also wasted on the poor excuse for a campaign. Clocking in at around five hours, there's no point in the game's story where I actually felt compelled to keep playing. In fact, if it wasn't for this review, I probably would have stopped at multiple points. Simply put, it's boring, most of it feels pointless, and none of the characters are worth caring about."

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GTgamer1766d ago

And people tried to compare this to God of War :/.

mshh41766d ago

Compare a crap engine tech demo to god of war even worst god of war have way better score than this shit

amiga-man1766d ago

I feel sorry for the poor sods that believed the ridiculous hype M$ put out about this game,

Smoke and mirrors by M$, shiny graphics does not mean a great game but many were blinded by the endless cut scenes that were shown recently.

some people never learn

pyramidshead1766d ago

God of War's combat, yet shallow, is still leagues better than Ryse's.

FlyingFoxy1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It's Crytek, what do you expect? They do the same on PC.. just interested in having top graphics, mediocre game. The fact their games always run below par (30fps) pretty much proves it.

Why not good graphics and great game?

Tontus1765d ago

@pyramidshead God of War doesn't have shallow combat though

It's accessible, so it's easy for casual players to have fun with and there's depth for the hardcore to pull of some awesome combos.

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Sarcasm1766d ago

To be fair... nah you know what, after all the BS ps4 gamers had to put up for ps4 reviews, xbone people deserve this.

SwordandShield1766d ago

Yeah stupid people. Going by the reviews, this game is just a polished turd.

Orange Juice1766d ago

I guess this is cryteks last xbox exclusive game. There is no way ms will risk funding and publishing another 5/10 game especially after this one was hyped up to be aaa. Time to move on to the next dev, ms.

Ezz20131766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

who did ?

they share nothing in commen
God Of War is on another whole different level
even the worst GOW game (God Of War:ascension) was good 8/10

Enemy1766d ago

Last gen, they were describing Ryse as Microsoft's God of War killer. Now look at it. As shallow and pointless as Crytek's games have become known to be.

They should have taken the hint when all the bad press for the game just wouldn't stop.

MightyNoX1766d ago

No wonder MS extended the embargo

Enemy1766d ago

There had to be a reason.

Ryse: Deceit and Conceal

PR_FROM_OHIO1766d ago

Only idiots thought this can be like GOD OF WAR! C'mon now lol

bryam19821765d ago

greatness awaits on xbone???

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DynDasE1766d ago

"We got the best games"

TedCruzsTaint1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

You can't downplay the fact that One's lineup is still pretty strong.
This was definitely a hit to them, but it doesn't take away from their other releases.

I go for a drink and already have twelve thumbs down. Would someone like to tell me how One's lineup is not strong because of this one game and how this takes away from those other games that fared well beforehand?

JokesOnYou1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Edit meant to reply below.

Yeah sure this game failed to deliver but you act like xbox fans were taking shots at Knack and KZ SF for no reason. There's still some great games on X1 and Ryse failure can't change that so as much as I wanted Ryse to succeed as a xbox fan it's all good, every game just doesn't live up to expectations it's been that way since I started gaming....on every game platform.

kingdip901766d ago

It may be strong for you personally but it isn't for me personally.. there are no games I'm interested in this new gen so far...

Overall I will reserve an opinion of how strong the line up is objectively as soon as more games are properly reviewed

torchic1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

these next 12-18 months is as good as it gets for Xbox One, we all know what happens after year 2 on a Xbox platform.

so yes, enjoy your better launch line-up, as it will probably be one of the few instances where the console is supported "well" during the X1's lifecycle.

Visiblemarc1766d ago

It's just that , Ryse is Xb1's Knack. DR3 it's Killzone. Forza's scores are good, but hovering around 80. Most other Xb1 games are shovelware. Even Killer Instinct is riding mid to low 70's.

Consider that in ever article about Ps4 exclusives there were tons of comments by Xbox fans saying how Xb1 games would blow Ps4 away. No, that hasn't happened.

...and in every article talking about how Ps4 is streets ahead* in multiplatform performance, we were reminded about how Ryse was Xb1 exclusive, told that gameplay was what mattered, not performance.

So while I agree, gloating about bad reviews makes little sense, it comes from a spirit of retaliation that the internet was built on, sadly.

The takeaway should be some varient of "do unto others" but yeah, even I got tired of seeing articles like "Ps4 outperforms Xb1 by a margin of 125%" with 300 comments saying "just too bad there's no games to play losers."

*watch Community or you'll remain streets behind.

OsirisBlack1766d ago

Honestly when I look at it The X box one only has one game at launch, Killer Instinct. That's the game I will be downloading later on tonight. I have never been a big fan of Forza and this one looks like more of the same even though it looks very pretty.

I already Have AC4,BF4,NFSR and NBA2K14 on my PS4 so no need to get them again. I am on the fence with Dead Rising 3. Now that Ryse is a complete bust I think PS4 has the overall stronger line up.

People are only looking at retail games even if this is the case Multiplats are better on PS4. But I have a ton of indie games that are all fun as heck. Resogun,DCUO,Trine 2,Warframe are all fun titles.... Contrast is unique but just ok for me. I cannot see where this strong X box line up is, Still getting my machine but it looks like KI will be my lone title on the XB1.

LordMaim1765d ago

There are two good games, Dead Rising 3 and Forza. If you don't like racing like me, then there's one good game. To be fair, I'd really like to play Dead Rising 3 but it looks like that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Outside of the exclusives, ALL of the multiplatform games look and perform better on PS4. This is not an opinion, but a demonstrable reality with exhaustive comparative analysis on just about every title that has been shown for the system.

That tells me that the lineup is not as strong as you choose to believe.

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Enemy1766d ago

They wanna make jokes about Knack and Killzone, yet this was the most hyped game they boasted about. Crytek fails once again.

mshh41766d ago

We already starting making a true and special jokes for ryse

Volkama1766d ago

"Most hyped"? Ryse has been taking massive abuse since the day it was revealed.

It's still pretty though!

MysticStrummer1766d ago

It will be interesting to see how things average out once all reviews are in, but as of now PS4 has the higher reviewed games overall.

chrissx1766d ago

God of war on Ps2 is way better than this game hands down

raresteak1766d ago

GoW on PSP on a 4" screen > this on a giant tv

NarooN1766d ago

The sad thing is, this is absolutely true, hahaha.

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