GameSpot - Ryse: Son of Rome Review

GameSpot writes "Ryse is all sizzle and no steak, a stunning visage paired with a vapid personality. Everything from the leveling system that's so painfully easy to complete (and so devoid of any impact on the game that it might as well not be there), to the story that does little to flesh out its lead characters beyond puerile notions of revenge is a testament to how little Ryse can back up its gorgeous visuals with anything more than a shallow set of fisticuffs."

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kiz26941676d ago ShowReplies(15)
BobBelcher1676d ago

Funny how both PS4 and X1's premiere games are their worst.

thrust1676d ago

Forza and dead rising got good reviews

Sarcasm1676d ago

Dead rising got mixed reviews. The only high mark is forza 5.

B-radical1676d ago Show
BobBelcher1676d ago

yes, but they were both games that already had a known franchise. Ryse and Knack were games original to their consoles.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1676d ago

Kz isn't great but its good this game is downright disgusting.

By comparison kz is goty.

BobBelcher1676d ago

Yes, but Killzone is just an extension of its franchise- just like Forza/DR3, Ryse/Knack are unique to the X1/PS4.

Soc51675d ago

Yeah, both consoles seem to have games that came out with more flash than substance.
Too bad all the work put in to make it look good isn't matched by gameplay and story.
Ryse could have been really good with some deep gameplay to match those nice graphics. Too bad. If looks could kill...

Statix1676d ago ShowReplies(3)
raresteak1676d ago

Up to expectations for a Crytek game.