How to fix a broken launch PS4 console

Gadget Mill: Sony recently launched the PlayStation 4 in North America which saw them sell more than a million units within 24 hours. It was Sony’s most successful console launch ever beating the previous record set by the PlayStation 2 with 980,000 units sold in the Japanese launch.

Although Sony sold a lot of consoles there were still a few problems lurking and spreading like wildfire on the internet. These involved issues such as:

Blue line of death (video/graphics problems)
Red line of death (overheating problems)
Network issues
Console freezing
Disc eject problems
Consoles dead on arrival

If you are having either one of these problems you may be able to revive your console without having to go through the warranty process (waiting so long for the console was bad enough as it is right?).

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TheXD3051697d ago

Well, best way to fix it is not to use it.

GarrusVakarian1696d ago

Possibly the worst answer in the world.

Just contact Sony, they will send you a replacement.

sprinterboy1696d ago

Call customer services or risk losing your perfect warranty lol, who wrote this article

kmeck5181696d ago

What in the article leads to voiding your warranty?

deadlydragon1211694d ago

Nothing in this article leads to losing your warranty. Hard drives are meant to be swappable, the guide to ejecting stuck discs is from Sony themselves.