Ryse: Son Of Rome: Flawed, enjoyable, stupid nonsense

VideoGamer: "Ryse may rely heavily on its visuals to win people over, but that doesn't mean there's not a certain amount of fun that can be had with it."

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BBBirdistheWord1699d ago

Yeah, let's face it.

Gaming is about fun.
It's always been about fun.

You can go on and on about graphics, but if it aint fun, it aint fun.

There's a reason people like games like hdstardust and resogun. They are just fun. The graphics are nice... nowhere near Ryse or KZSF, yet these titles manage to score better.

Because fun.

MightyNoX1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

No because people used this to justify paying almost 600 for a box that was designed for marketing purposes. This was touted as the killer app that will make even draconian DRM policies worth it.

ger23961699d ago

So why is that same logic not applied to knack?

linkenski1699d ago

"Because the game's clearly an 8/10 duh!"

linkenski1699d ago

I don't grade games depending on the fun-factor. It's all about whether I enjoy them or not. But I can be frustrated 60% of the time I play a game but still come to a conclusion that I thought it was a great game because it's so different from game to game.

Honest_gamer1699d ago

Button bashing dynasty warriors = horrible repetitive and just bad, but this game is hailed as the next best thing, intresting.

chrissx1699d ago

Ryse - stupid nonsense. Says the writer. LoL

Kurogane1699d ago

This game is just as repetitive as god of war.

TechnoSphere1699d ago

I see plenty of people who enjoy/defend Dynasty Warrior.
I might pick this up on the cheap.