IGN: Ryse: Son of Rome Review

IGN writes - "Ryse is an entertaining ride that often values spectacle over skill"

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B-radical1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Maybe not even a rental......i do hope it does well enough to get a sequel aha marius is such a bad ass character!

Forza and dead rising it is for me then

GarrusVakarian1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Thrust,palaven,lifeisgameok, belking,badkolo,lalanana all said this game was going to rate extremely high and all bashed Killzone and Knack reviews.

Never speak too soon.

Denethor_II1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Would definitely buy both of those (Forza DR3) for my PS4. Shame that DR3 should probably be multi-plat though.

ZodTheRipper1700d ago

Now we know why the embargo has been postponed, Microsoft at it's best.

moparful991700d ago

This game is being lambasted by reviewers even saw one that was a 3/10.. Ouch but as I said before this is only launch plenty of games on the horizon for both consoles.. Infamous: Second Son looking at you...

JokesOnYou1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Well that sucks, the graphics are undeniably next gen but it looks like Crytek made some obvious bad game design choices. I'm sort of scratching my head how they could not see some of these repetitive flaws when they developed the game. I mean it seems like a huge oversight on their part.

VENOMACR12271700d ago

Looks like each console has a dud. PS4, Knack and now X1, Ryse.

I think everyone understands that the real meat on the bone is 2014. Infamous, Titanfall, The Division, Destiny, and Halo. Not to mention the slew of titles that haven't been announced.

Neither launch lineup was particularly strong. I don't think there was 1 must have game that sold a system, like Halo did on the original Xbox. In a few months the games will start to pick up.

AlexanderNevermind1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Ouch.... Metacritic Score of 61 at the moment...not much better than Knack at this point. And Ryse was suppose to be a system seller. Knack was stated from the beginning to be a novelty type throw in game.

Don't see to many MS staff saying they have the better launch games now.....

Those KSF scores are looking better by the moment.

No trolling just stating facts

LeCreuset1700d ago


Yeah. A lot of people were quick to jump on those PS4 review scores. I say you shouldn't use your own head instead of blindly following a review, but karma... you know? I guess since the launch lineups are nullified (review score wise) all that's left to compare are hardware specs and multiplats.

DOMination-1700d ago

Always thought this looked dodgy but honestly I thought it would still average out around the 7/10 mark. Crytek are quickly going down the pan.

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KingZFlipper1700d ago

Sad, but true.

Played this couple of months ago at GamesCom, and the combat really got boring after 5 minutes.

It's a stunning game visually, but gameplay wise it can get boring.

Definitely the right score for this game IMO.

pyramidshead1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

That or hopefully for people buying Xb1s it gets straight onto games with gold for people who don't want to drop full price on it and still think the first price drop is too much. Well I say hopefully, with MS you need to wait a good 3 years before they turn up on the free games program.

It's a shame really, I thought this was going to be MS's answer to GodOW but the combat is no where near as satisfying or free. Plus the lack of weapons, specials and moves no wonder it just gets monotonous. I know it has a gazillion finishers to unlock but getting to the point where you're able to activate that finisher is god awful. I love period games like GOW and ass creed so it is a damned shame this game blows.

Another interesting thing I've noticed, this game gets hyped up to hell by the very same fanboys who eviscerated playstation exclusives for being too 'cinematic', and ryse is pretty much the most cinematic launch game on either console, ironic. lol. Every finisher is like a '300-esc' slow mo close up. It's almost as if this game was made for the wrong console purely by that fact, but it's one that Sony would miss without shame. lol.

Funny how gamer's tastes change ain't it? ;P

B-radical1700d ago

It really creeps me out you went out of your way for that picture.......but true

pyramidshead1700d ago


Out of my way? lol used a lil neat program called gyazo. Screen grabbed his comment within a couple of seconds and saved for when the crow was needed. Took no time at all, son.

Denethor_II1700d ago

Yeah could see this coming. 6.8 though? What stops it from getting that extra .2 that would make all the difference lol.

SheenuTheLegend1700d ago

here goes another game that microsoft paid
now get ready for sony's 10/10 exclusives
xbone is done

MyNameIsNotRick1700d ago

So it's like knack (repetitive combat)except for adults and with a better story and graphics. I pass. Well, I'll probably get it from the bargain bin in a few months.

Bigpappy1700d ago

The Reviewer have spoken. They are NOT entertained. I on the other hand still need to play it. I remember Conan the Barbarian having the same type of scores and comments. I completed and fully enjoyed that game.

PSNrandom151700d ago

Damn I guess this is why microsoft didnt let reviews out until the today

boneso821700d ago

The only game im going to miss on PS4 at launch is Forza 5, that genuinely is the only game I want that I can't have from the other console. These Ryse reviews have just confirmed that.

Ps Ryse and Dead Rising dipping below 30fps target at sub1080p is appalling for next gen.

FITgamer1700d ago

No one in there right mind thought this game would score high. Every game play video and livestream, while pretty, was boring as hell. The only objective to the game is to fight through hordes of soldiers.

Hercules1891700d ago

Aint that the same with God of War. Except this is based more on real life and not fantasy.

tawak1699d ago

but no more blockbuster =(

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georgenancy1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

looks like all my predictions were spot on


kiz26941700d ago

Same, its nice to see journalists not falling for the graphics over gameplay, its quite refreshing.

Mr Pumblechook1700d ago

These are the same journalists who said it doesn't matter if a game is 720p 30fps or 1080p 60fps!

georgenancy1700d ago

yes, the gameplay looked bland to me from the very moment it was revealed at e3

FamilyGuy1700d ago

Well they kind of are, even though this got a 6.8 a lot of that had to do with "high production value". The enemies all fight the same, the bosses fight the same and even your character has a lackluster move set.
6.8 seems high in my opinion for what was said.

MotoDot1700d ago

This game is getting bad scores

B-radical1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

It's knack all over again! The trolls will come and attack......the fanboys will defend......the trolls will say haha the fanboys will say reviews dont mean anything...just like what happened with knack! Hahah man this site is entertaining sometimes tho

Didn't say anything about the scores just how people will defend this game and attack aha its knack but in reverse

Flutterby1700d ago

Actually knack is scoring better than this game lol

Ripsta7th1700d ago

If compared to KZ and Knack its doing the same, average 7

deadbyfault1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )


Killzone: Shadow Fall - 73
Ryse: Son of Rome - 60

Sooo... really?

(Obviously this might change after I post this...)

omi25p1700d ago

Deadbyfault. If we are looking at metacritic how are forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 doing?

deadbyfault1700d ago

omi25p: Very well to be fair. A little jealous I won't get the chance to play them straight away (getting a PS4 at UK launch maybe XB1 later), that wasn't the comparison Ripsta was making though.

ado9081700d ago

@omi in that case how about we look at how resogun is doing?

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PSNrandom151700d ago

NO THIS GAME IS NOT GETTING BAD SCOREZZZ if you round the 6.8 you get a sevenzz the cloudzz are gone too much sunzzz heat strokezz delusion.

rmw2hot1700d ago

Gamespot also gave it a low score a 4/10 this game was overhyped by u xbots.