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Stevivor's Steve Wright writes, "Ryse: Son of Rome is not the quicktime simulator you all seem to think it will be.

"It’s not your fault; after seeing it at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference earlier in the year and then playing it shortly afterward, I thought it was nothing but an early Telltale game on steroids. Thankfully, it’s not."

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BBBirdistheWord1768d ago

Interesting to see a very solid score after the initial scathing reviews.

Sure looks pretty tho.

obliteratorFTW1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Amazing so now 7.5 is pretty solid and when kz was getting scores like these, it was considered bad. Wow

"it makes killzone sf look like ps3 launch title"

Who told you that? Your PAPA?

Yourpapa1768d ago

it makes killzone sf look like ps3 launch title

NewMonday1768d ago


and just 2 days ago you said 7.4 is disappointing

man how fast opinions change.

BBBirdistheWord1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

@ NewMonday

Sorry, I don't recall saying that.

Here are two recent links where I called 74% for Kzsf solid.
I only referred to the low Knack score as disappointing.

So, can you point me to where I said what you said I said?

If not, you better apologise quick for spreading lies.

starchild1768d ago

It's funny how nobody seems to be posting in the higher score articles.

obliteratorFTW1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Look up^^^^^^^


Lol, like you are attracted to defend ryse.

starchild1768d ago

No, I mean you and your brethren are attracted to the low scores like moths to a flame. While only a few of you flitter in to these higher score reviews, and only then to make a snide remark.

NewMonday1768d ago


this is as high as it gets.

GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Funny, i noticed the EXACT same thing with Killzone reviews......

Were you even here last week?


OMG, yes it was! I was here all last week....i saw it with my own eyes! The negative reviews had tons of comments and the positive reviews had considerably less, you will have to take my word for it, im not going through pages of news just for you. The fact you think it didn't happen and that the Xbox fans are more mature than the PS fans is hilarious.

starchild1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

No, I wasn't. Can you show me?

Edit: No, I didn't say "it wasn't", I said "I wasn't", as in I wasn't here for that. I'm asking if you can show me these articles you are talking about.
But even just a few fanboys can cause a comment section to fill up with people arguing with them. It doesn't mean it's filled with those fanboys.

GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


My bad, i thought you said "It".

Just take my word for it (i know that sounds like a cop out), i was here...i saw the comments for each and every review. The Xbox fans were loving the low scores. Now they are nowhere to be seen.

Use the search function on N4G. below 5's had tons more comments than the 7's and 8's+

skoorydook1768d ago

Mate last week these scores were trolled as being garbage so surely you had to expect this

starchild1768d ago

That's why fanboyism is pointless and stupid. It's primitive tribalism.

fooltheman1768d ago

Some sites like this one haven't reviewed Killzone or any other ps4 exclusive...

DeltaPhoenix081768d ago

We're in Australia, we haven't received PS4 units or games yet as it isn't out in Australia until the 29th. Look for reviews next week :)

fooltheman1768d ago

ah Sorry...
I'm actually in Europe...So it's the same over here.

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KillrateOmega1768d ago

This is the highest scoring review I seen for this game thus far.

Reviews for this game seem to have a common theme of citing visually stunning graphics, but relatively boring and repetitive gameplay. Not to sound like a jerk, but considering that this is Crytek game, I'm not surprised.