Polygon: Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Polygon writes "Then again, kindness is the last thing Ryse: Son of Rome concerns itself with. It's a gorgeous, dark and bloody tableau. But all that visual beauty and dramatic gravitas goes to waste with an aimless plot and a monotonous combat system. Ryse has all the guts of next-gen — often quite literally — but none of the glory.

Ryse is beautiful but hollow"

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pyramidshead1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Haha wow. Not even Polysoft liked it that much. MUST be pretty bad... someone needs to eat crow. Click below ;).

BBBirdistheWord1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I wonder if it will reach the 73% aggregate that KZSf managed to reach?

As far as I can tell, these two games are the best looking launch games.

Will the scores match?

edit @ below did (not) do your homework.

Stsonic1729d ago

Killzone was not getting 6 around the board

abzdine1729d ago


i have nothing to add after seeing polygon

GTgamer1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Plaese KZSF was at least getting was not constantly getting low ass scores i guess those user reviews of 4/5 for ryse was all BS called it.
@orange your right KZ is sbout multiplayer and a bunch of reviews only focused on the SP:/.

OrangePowerz1729d ago

Killzone is actually fun to play and has a great MP and many reviews focused mainly on the singleplayer for Killzone.

ZodTheRipper1729d ago

lol don't you dare compare KZ:SF with Ryse, don't be ridiculous.

Ezz20131729d ago

lol even polygon can't pretend that this game is good

Ezz20131729d ago

killzone was getting 8s,7s,9s out of 10

don't compare it to Ryse plz

pyramidshead1729d ago

Will they match? Perhaps not. In graphics they do have a very close tie, but for gameplay, which Ryse is heavily criticised on and the cause for the poor scores, Killzone knocks it out of the park in comparison; more with it's multiplayer though.

HammockGames1729d ago

Xbone: Upscaling awaits*

* Applies to resolution and reviews

I kid, I kid

MasterCornholio1729d ago

Ryse is actually below 60 now.

Nexus 7 2013

listenkids1729d ago

Jesus man, troll or delusional?

Kryptix1728d ago

I'm surprised about Polygon, their standing is apparent so I expected them to give it a better rating to raise the Metacritic score higher.

Anyone remember how Microsoft UK bashed the PS4 for their games? Yea, don't talk shit till you know the whole story, great advice right there.

All games got similar scores, so the Xbox fanboys can't say anything stupid anymore. Like I said earlier, as long as you enjoy the game, don't worry about it.

UltimateMaster1728d ago

When you count it the few 8/10 with the many 6/10 and the few 3/10. You get an average of 6/10 around 5~7.
I don't base my purchases on reviews.

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mafiahajeri1729d ago ShowReplies(1)
Edsword1729d ago

Still better than what they gave KZ. Haha, we know the truth poly(ms)pocket.

MRMagoo1231729d ago

I told him this the other day , i said its gonna get low scores and he said 7.9 for the meta lol have a look

Sarcasm1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Hilarious that guy "lifeisgamesok" is one of the worst around. Funny how he said it won't get 5 or 6s, and that's exactly what this game is getting. I really hate that guy, I can taste his sweet tears already.

FamilyGuy1729d ago

I wonder if crow taste anything like chicken when fried? I imagine farmers would harvest the annoying creatures if that were the case though so I'll just assume it's either terrible tasting or dangerous on a disease-ridden level.

Anywho, Polygon couldn't stand up for this game when even MS knows it's bad. They literally forced its review embargo to the last minute so they could get people to jump in blind.

Studio-YaMi1729d ago

All that bashing and yet they gave it a 6,a 5/10 is more likely tbh.

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Omegasyde1729d ago

I did not expect such a low score from Poly-microsoft-gon.

Sarcasm1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

What do you mean? They gave it a 4/10. You forgot to subtract the polygon differential. Also add 2 to anything ps4 related from them. Hope that helps.

ThunderSpark1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

You guys made me laugh. This over-hyped, over-scaled game is definitely getting a thrashing today smh. That's one less Xbox exclusive to care for.

LeShin1729d ago

Incoming rant: To be honest, though I haven't played Ryse, why is it that when websites review games that are not FPS's (usually beat em ups like God of War,Dynasty warriors, Anarchy Reigns etc)they sometimes use the terms 'repetitive' and 'You do the same thing over again' and 'Not much variety in enemies'.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in FPS's, most of the time you're pressing one bloody button for the entire game (maybe throwing the odd grenade here and there and changing weapons) These beat em up's at least you have to use a combination of buttons more regularly and there always seems to be more variety with their enemies in those games than with any fps I've played. What's particularly annoying is games like COD that never seem to do anything new every year but gets good to high scores while a franchise like Dynasty Warriors gets lower scores for not doing anything

This is why reviews hold no weight for me these days until I see a website that can give consistent reviews across all game genres...anybody know of one?

KillrateOmega1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

That's actually a very interesting point.

Even the most repetitive FPS games - looking at you, CoD - get amazing reviews. However, if it's not a FPS, then unless it happens to be an utter masterpiece, it generally gets a lower score.

Is it because games like CoD have spoiled most people and if a game does not give them that fast, near-instant gratification, then they just don't have the patience for it?
Is it because FPS game like CoD have such a huge following that reviewers are afraid to give it anything lower than a 8/10?
Or are they more afraid of possibly hurting their relationship with these big publishers?

slimeybrainboy1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I think what makes Ryse suffer from feeling repetitive is the fact you press the buttons over and over, and the character flies around the screen but nothing changes. The enemies just get temporarily stunned, no blood, the same animations.

Also there's not really any reason to it. You just have to keep hitting people until a finisher comes along right? Where as with a game like Batman, you have counters and chains and the way Batman reacts to your button presses makes it feel like he's in one fluid motion, and that he could take someone out at anytime, especially through user controlled reverses. Also AC has the same thing, you could kill someone with a well timed dodge and then chain together kills and feel like you';re in control of the fight. I may be wrong but every Ryse video I've seen you have to hit the enemies 3/4 times before anything happens.

COD has that rewarding sound when you get a hit marker that is actually one of the major reasons for it's success. Also you know you're causing damage and you were in control of it.

LeShin1729d ago

You both make great points. Bubs

Goku7811729d ago

The truth is starting to come out now, can't hide behind embargoes anymore. Tonight is the night!

ambientFLIER1728d ago

I hope people can go down to 0 bubbles in the future. That way your garbage won't show up on my screen.

mshh41729d ago

Oops even polycrap give it 6 but also 6 is one of few over 5 scores for ryse

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