X360A Review: Ryse: Son of Rome

X360A: "Ryse: Son of Rome is a meaty game. The character models, the combat, the hunks of flesh you carve from enemies - everything about it is hefty and muscular, contributing to a game with uncommonly good, chunky combat at its core. A linear, story-led, swords and sandals romp, with an engaging multiplayer mode thrown in for good measure, Ryse is great fun."

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BBBirdistheWord1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

best score so far?

I guess it's safe to say this game looks beautiful and some gamers will like the gameplay too, giving it 8/10.

sincitysir11583d ago

Don't trust x360a with a name like that. Just as I don't trust dualshockers or psm.

BBBirdistheWord1583d ago

of course, you are right.

I will be looking to metacritic in a week's time to gauge the overall response.

FamilyGuy1583d ago

*Looks at score*

*Looks at site name*

Ahhh, I see what they did there.

"A linear, story-led, swords and sandals romp, with an engaging multiplayer mode thrown in for good measure, Ryse is great fun"

This is funny to read considering Ryse is only a 5 to 6 hour long game. I'd say the multiplayer was more "necessary" than "thrown in for good measure" given how short the game is and according to other reviews its campaign has no replay value.

UltimateMaster1583d ago

Well, the most biased people say the game is Good but not Great.
The other reviews are just....

Pogmathoin1583d ago

I usually only go by Game Informer reviews, most of these other sites are in my opinion biased, or have agendas or are paid off in some way.... naturally too, either from Sony sites, or MS sites, they are usually inclined to score on the higher side.

Yourpapa1583d ago ShowReplies(5)
hooba931583d ago

really? really?.......really?????

NoLongerHereCBA1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Explain to me why not? I'm glad there are so much different scores for this game. Just shows that it's not all that terrible as some people make it out to be and that it depends heavily on what you expect and want.

Don't want to do it; but I'm going to anyway. I'm also glad Knack got some good reviews. Some reviewers look at certain games differently than others. The same goes for people who buy the games.

calis1583d ago

Well that's about as damage-controlly as you can get

NoLongerHereCBA1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Yes; because I am happy that Knack also got positive reviews next to bad reviews, since I'm not getting a PS4. This just shows that some reviewers look at other things and not everyone likes the same thing. But I guess they must be bribed right?

Seriously calis? Grow up.

calis1583d ago

You're fooling no one there buddy.

Father__Merrin1583d ago

biased review, they should be ashamed of them selfs £49.99 is a lot of money

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