First "Made in Japan" PS4 appears

Sony had given the manufacturing to the Chinese company Foxconn for the their new console the Playstation 4. There were a lot of rumors and negative stories surrounding the company and how they were handling the making of the console, but it seems now that PS4 has now started manufacturing in Japan.

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jujubee881730d ago

It's good saving face for Sony to not focus all manufacturing efforts in China's foxconn. Not like people wont buy PS4 because of supposed slave labor (which it isn't, they can leave if they want like any other internship) but it's just a wise precaution.

OrangePowerz1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

It was said previously that they will have 2 manufacturing plants one in China and one in Japan.

ruefrak1730d ago

I too would like a "Made in Japan" console. Can I trade mine?

Omeganex99991730d ago

So... According to gaf Europe gets made in Japan PS4s?!


MatrixxGT1730d ago

Your welcome. We are beta testing these china units for you guys. Even though mine is working flawless it irks me as japan has way better QC than china.

Vitalogy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Yea I'll admit I got pissed knowing the ps4 wasn't lanching the same day in NA and EU but a few hours later I cooled down a bit and though "well, they'll take one for the team and some will be part of the bad statistic so I'm good"

Thanks guys.

Omeganex99991730d ago

True story. I think that the only reason why Sony is producing in both China and Japan right now it's simply the high demand for the PS4. After things will settle down probably all production will be China only. Anyway all of our stuff is made in China nowadays, that's not synonymous with bad quality.

MatrixxGT1730d ago


Sorry I dont mean to come off as everything in china is bad quality. I think a product with such high demand they are pushing for numbers instead of testing or checking all units. Therefore you have the inevitable DOA units.

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