The Xbox One could see if you were aroused

According to Microsoft the Xbox One's Kinect system can technically pick up whether you are getting aroused or not which opens up a huge variety of gameplay options.

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moonstormer1764d ago

oh look, more sexist gaming reporting!

GavinMannion1764d ago

I'd give you an appropriate response but then I'd likely get banned.. .

KillrateOmega1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

It is truly regrettable, is it not?

I have already come upon several opportunities for some clever, dirty jokes, but seizing the opportunity would only result in a Bubble Down.

God forbid that people have a sense humor outside of the PG...

Delive1764d ago

Major Nelson said it COULD see where the blood is flowing in your body. I imaging blood flowing to the cheeks would count, but he jestures towards the lower half of the body. Hmmmmm.

About the 3 minute mark.

moonstormer1764d ago

does that mean you're defending using sexualized images of women (and, admittedly ONE man) and talking about sexual arousal? this is clearly objectification.

Peppino71764d ago

I look of things can tell if I'm aroused. ;-p ladies...! Who needs a machine?

Computersaysno1764d ago

This function is the dedicated Austin Powers processing chip.

The secret sauce is revealed!

Do I make you horny baby? Do I?

Well let's ask kinect and find out.

UltimateMaster1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Yeah, IGN already reported it can scan your dick.
That's what they mean by "aroused" XD jk.
Don't tell Microsoft that, otherwise they'll make kinect 3.0 that shoot flames to put your crouch on fire! XD Jk

Just making jokes, nothing personal.

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Pogmathoin1764d ago

I wonder if the achievement score for that is based on , errmmm size.... or pulses....

mydyingparadiselost1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Umm, this is for the the guys AND the ladies. The kinect isn't just monitoring 3d package space depth... but there is a moisture sensor add on coming...

FamilyGuy1764d ago

You know women and men both raise in temperature when they're aroused right?

Dagobert1764d ago

I'm trying to surprise my wife with new kitchen tiles. What do you suggest? What color should the tiles be in the kitchen to help motivate her to cook?

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Sm00thNinja1764d ago

These articles are just ridiculous now!

MrDead1764d ago

But I'm always aroused, I guess that’s why I have to wear a pair of these.

TheLostCause1764d ago

I made it to number three and then my pants suddenly felt tighter.

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The story is too old to be commented.