Game devs talk PS4, Xbox One power: What do the new consoles bring, and what exactly is “the cloud”?

MMGN writes: The time is finally upon. The next generation of gaming is here.
But what exactly is the “next generation”, and what does it offer for game designers and, of course, gamers?

I’ve been around the globe over the past 12 months to check out a stack of awesome games and speak to some brilliantly creative individuals. Whenever I asked about the next generation and what it offered for game development, the person would always prop up with excitement, before subtlety quieting down, stemming their excitement knowing a lot of what’s on the agenda is “hush hush” until further notice.

But I did get some wonderful insights into the future of games as we celebrate the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here’s what developers have to say about the “next generation”.

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NewMonday1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

the "cloud" is just marketing term to obfuscate the weaker hardware power and low value for the higher price.

SpinalRemains1381614d ago

Could not have said it better if I were using the cloud.

thrust1614d ago

I will enjoy my xbox live and dedicated servers tonight

LordDhampire1614d ago

I have no doubt you will, dead rising looks sweet, enjoy it, sweet prince

TheFallenAngel1614d ago

PlayStation has dedicated servers too you know. Anyways enjoy forza, I love that series! Hopefully dead rising 3 will be fun too.

GarrusVakarian1614d ago

There goes thrust again, somehow thinking dedicated servers is an X1 exclusive feature.

*pats on head*

pyramidshead1614d ago

Lol I wonder how XBL is going to handle this worldwide launch. Hope there won't be any articles claiming Live is broken or MS's servers are currently down. :x

ziggurcat1613d ago

People have been enjoying their PS4 dedicated servers for a week, so...

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Sarcasm1614d ago

I wonder if Ryse used the cloud

pyramidshead1614d ago

Ryse uses the Gods, technically the next level up from the clouds.

AllroundGamer1614d ago

Ryse used cloud to better simulate boredom.

TruthInsider 1613d ago

The NBA2K dev says the cloud allows him do do less static backgrounds etc.

So why is the Xbone game no different from the PS4 game?

harrisk9541613d ago


"Obfuscate" -- LOVE THAT WORD, but is so damn hard to pronounce without tripping over my tongue!

hello121613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Complete rubbish. Windows Azure is the fastest and best ranked cloud service in the world. Microsoft provides dedicated servers for free and also provides free unlimited cloud storage already on xb1, so how is this marketing to you?

In regards to cloud computing Titanfall and Forza are using the cloud already for AI

Graphics on the cloud is slightly more complicated, because console users internet connections are just not there yet. Maybe in 5 years or less it can be done?

Sony fans, no game on the PS4 has dedicated servers, sick of pointing out your flawed views.

Killzone is using peer to peer still with better servers managing PSN this time, thats all.

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LordDhampire1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

The Cloud is just a vague term to describe anything good, got a payraise = the cloud, found a hundred dollar bill? The Cloud
Found out your cancer is gone? Full power of the Cloud

Just like gluten is everything that is bad for you

wolfsaviorzx1614d ago

I hate the term cloud. They should call it Servers lol. Servers are epic for gaming, so no point calling it something dumb.

TheFallenAngel1614d ago

So the cloud and the secret source will not surpass the ps4 in raw power?

123pol1614d ago

in short...
xbox dev - cloud is amazing !!!
ps4 dev - RAW POWER !!!
Multiplatform dev - we cant say which console is better cuz then MS will be mad :(

ItsIncognito1614d ago

lol coudnt said it better my self

wolfsaviorzx1614d ago

pc dev - consoles suck
wii u dev - I need more Whiskey
Ouya dev - Will Work for Food
Mobile dev - sorry that costs 2 dollars for an answer
Kojima - I like Jaws, imma put Jaws music in MGSV

gazgriff2k121613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

nailed it right there.
xbone weak with or without fantasy cloud.
ps4 50% more power. and CPU features on GPU (basically anything ms cloud can do PS4 GPU can do) then there's the future when sony make magic clouds for PS4 then what?

SpinalRemains1381614d ago

Weaker, runs hotter, more expensive, broken speech recognition, slow boot, charges to use otherwise free services.

Anyone claiming the Bone to be the better choice needs a methadone clinic.

Yes it will have some good games, but the deficiencies outweigh them. There is literally no reason to buy a One. Not a reasonable one anyway. If you work hard for your money, spend it wisely and buy a PS4.

TruthInsider 1614d ago

But i'm on methadone and i can see PS4 is better, even in withdrawal i still know PS4 is better.

It would take brain damage to think Xbone is better!

SpinalRemains1381614d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Right. That's because you went to the clinic. Prior to receiving the narcotic, you may have preferred the Bone.

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