The Xbox One - Mini Review & Comparison to Xbox 360/PS4

Website AnandTech has run two speed tests on the Internet browsers packaged with the next-gen consoles.

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OlgerO1483d ago

That surprises me, thought microsoft would have had this one.

Mikelarry1483d ago

You would think so as they have had a lot of experience with developing web browsers.

NewMonday1483d ago

so the XBone is also losing the non-gaming applications it was built for?

RyuCloudStrife1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

IE is IE..

@ NewMonday

PS4 to Xbone

Septic1483d ago

Ah Internet explorer...

It will always be rubbish.

True_Samurai1483d ago

I Dont even use IE anymore :p Firefox ftw

Utalkin2me1483d ago

Does this surprise anyone? IE is trash, there is alot better browsers then IE, like firefox, chrome, opera and such.

FamilyGuy1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Lol, yeah but a lot of people moved away from using internet explorer throughout the years because better web browsers came up.

The PS4 web broswer is a big step up from the PS3 one but I still wasn't expecting to read this.5x faster is a pretty big amount. Not 5 seconds faster, 5 TIMES faster.
It's almost laughable.

Is MSs browser still behind the Live Gold paywall?
That would add insult to injury.

jujubee881483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Edit: Nevermind!

Magicite1483d ago

Opera, Firefox, Chrome, well just almost any explorer is better

ZodTheRipper1483d ago

I'm not even going to make an IE joke now lol
I don't plan on using the browser much though.

Destrania1483d ago


Yes, even IE on the Xbone is behind a paywall. smh M$.

malokevi1483d ago

[if IE]
Throw your keyboard
it's all good

sigfredod1483d ago

Come on Mike, you know that the PS4 is a beast, why the surprise? lol ;)

DVAcme1483d ago

Yeah, they developed INTERNET EXPLORER, the absolute worst web browser in existence.

AliTheSnake11483d ago

5 times, 5 times, 5 times, 5 times !
Now can you dig that.

lol, memories.

ShinMaster1483d ago

That's because WebKit (used by Safari and Chrome) > IE.

People only use IE to download other browsers lol

Prime1571483d ago

Typically, internet explorer has always been on the slower side compared to others like Firefox and chrome.

Anon19741483d ago

I'm I the first with a "nice and slow" pic link? I am! Yay!

KiLLeRCLaM1483d ago

Torch is best browser..been using it since it's release and it's super fast especially when downloading.. IE sucks well it did before now the new one is much faster..

UltimateMaster1482d ago

There was some people who taught Internet Explorer was fast?! O_o What planet are they from?

JohnnyBadfinger1482d ago

Oh well... at least it doesn't over heat like the PS4. Oh wait sorry am I trolling the ps4? better pinch those bubbles

Dee_911482d ago

Well I would argue the browser on PS3 is better than IE lol
Really though I havent used IE in like ... 6,7,8, years

n4rc1482d ago

Blah.. Ie still slow and bloated huh?

Can't say I'm surprised.. Although disappointing nonetheless

SonyWarrior1482d ago

have you guys even tryed internet explorer? it sucks so its no surprise that since that is what xbox one uses that it also sucks.

HardcoreDaBoss1482d ago

wow. whats the problem M$? This is stupid.. getting outdone by sony who dont make browsers?? It doesnt affect me because i use my laptop or pc to surf the web so Im still faster the ps4. And i want to add wii u has a very good browser. anyone who has used it would agree

badz1491482d ago

...and some delusional Xboners here claiming that IE is the best browser out there!


Anarki1482d ago

Was expecting the first comment to be Internet Explorer being crap related...... which is true though.

cellur1111482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Developing internet explorer, one of the worst web browsers.

OpenGL1482d ago

For comparison's sake 17W Intel Core i5/i7 chips score 120-140ms on Sunspider running IE11 on Windows 8.1.

Obviously the PS4 / Xbox One won't be able to compete in a browser benchmark with Ivy Bridge or Haswell (since browsers aren't going to be that heavily threaded, and per clock a Core i5 is still much faster) but the Microsoft results are still very surprising.

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OrangePowerz1483d ago

Well it is Internet Explorer.

NarooN1482d ago

The only thing Internet Explorer is good for is downloading better browsers to replace it!

Ghost_of_Tsushima1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Kinda weird it's that much faster. The browser is pretty fast but laggy on my PS4 especially when viewing N4G and GAF.

kingPoS1483d ago

It's the gifs that do it in. For reasons unknown, the browser isn't allowed full memory access. (likely security concerns)

Gateway MT6706 2008

SpinalRemains1381483d ago

N4G can lag even the best of browsers.

The only thing which combats it is a good computer or using the mobile version.

T21482d ago

im stoked that my new xperia z1 handles the web version of n4g like a champ.. not bragging just happy.... but yeah the mobile version is ok too (for later when my "new" phone is 6 mos old lol)

triforce791482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Well i have the wiiu dual screen browser and its lightning quick even with videos they load in a flash....

Faster than my windows7 and 8...videos are twice as fast at loading on wiiu in full HD as well...

Hyper_Tension1401482d ago

Im sure it will be fixed with a patch. PSVita is a perfect example,the browser in that was god awful. Now thanks to some patches its one of the best browsers around,right up their with the Wii Us excellent one.

kingPoS1482d ago


Yeah... N4G & Neogaf can indeed choke a browser. (explorer) My workaround is Firefox, adblock & no-srcipt.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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MightyNoX1483d ago

Kinect up to its ol tricks, I see

Sci0n1483d ago

kinda surprised but then again im not because internet explorer has always been sluggish and slow no matter how updated it is compared to google chrome and firefox.

MsmackyM1483d ago

That being said, the WiiU browser is light years ahead oh the PS4 Browser. The Ps4 browser as far as I can tell, has absolutely zero video support. You can't even watch YouTube.

SpinalRemains1381483d ago

Haha Is that true?

I haven't tried the browser yet.

MsmackyM1483d ago

Unfortunately it is. Hopefully Sony will improve in it in the future but as of now it's just a waste of memory/space.

Deathdeliverer1483d ago

Check again. PS4 stealth updates. My girl was watching YouTube on there today as well as 2 days ago. Might want to edit the comment after you verify.

MsmackyM1483d ago

I will definitely check out this evening and will gladly eat crow if proven wrong.

AlexanderNevermind1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

That's not true, I was watching youtube last Saturday/Sunday. And was browsing N4g and able I'm pretty sure I to click on you tube vids.

At 1st glance because it looked so similar to the PS3 I was disappointed, but once I used it and saw how quick it was I was ok with using it to browse say when my child was on the pc.

MsmackyM1483d ago

Seriously the level of fanboidom is absurd. I just made it home to see if I may have been mistaken with the PS4 browser not paying YouTube videos. Well I must say my objective vision is not allowing me to see something that is not there. The PS4 at the moment DOES NOT SUPPORT FLASH OR YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Just stop with the irrational fanboism.

-wub-1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Some Youtube videos work and some don't. I'm on it right now, try searching a Youtube video through Google.

dantesparda1482d ago

@ MsmackyM

Thats not fully true, some video on Youtube do work. Im not sure what the criteria for it working are, but some do work

RegorL1482d ago

HTML5 v. Flash videos?

HardcoreDaBoss1482d ago

Its funny how you have soooomany disagrees for telling the truth... It just shows me and everyone else how many sony fanboys are roaming around on N4g. wii u browser beats any console browser ever and thats a fact not an opinion in any way, shape, or form..

MsmackyM1482d ago

When dealing with fanboys the truth will not be tolerated.

Dasteru1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Take your own advice and kick the fanboyism, The PS4 works fine with HTML5 videos on Youtube, the very few flash videos that haven't been converted yet won't work but they are very few in number.

HTML5 = Working (90% of Youtube)
Flash = Not working


The truth is perfectly tolerable when it is actually the truth and not just the opinion of some dumb fanboy who doesn't even realise he is wrong. If your PS4 isn't playing anything on Youtube then you should take it back to the store as it is busted.

For the record, i'm a PC fanboy, i have a PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Wii/WiiU/$2k PC and just about every other video game console ever made, i am also planning on buying an Xbone, you want to see the real fanboy, just look in a mirror.

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meetajhu1483d ago

Misleading article. Read the anandtech review. The ps4 browser uses full 8core CPU for browser while Xbox one only uses 2 CPUs based on power usage test.

NarooN1482d ago

How is the article misleading? If it's 5x faster, it's 5x faster, it doesn't matter how it achieves said results, what matters is the fact THAT it achieves said results.

dantesparda1482d ago

@meetajhu, no it doesnt, you just made that up of your figuring

triforce791482d ago

Doesn't matter ps4 cores are weak WiiU cores are beasts 1 core usually looks after anything on wiiu...wiiu browser is king HD video playbk,pda files,ect ect everything except a printer is on wiiu...

dantesparda1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

oh boy, this clown. The CPU in the WiiU isnt even more powerful than the 360 CPU, yet alone the more powerful PS4/X1 CPUs. The PS4/X1 CPUs are more powerful than the PS3/360 CPUs, but not by many orders of magnitude higher like their GPU's are. Now stop embarassing yourself, spewing all the stupid sh*t you do everytime you speak. What are you like 13yrs old anyways? Cuz you definitely sound like a kid

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HaveAsandwich1483d ago

This, and the fact that it starts up cold faster than everyone claimed, as well. The browser is bs.

GraveLord1483d ago

Why? Internet Explorer sucks.

MikeGdaGod1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

i haven't used IE in years (prefer Chrome or Safari)

is IE on Xbone locked behind a paywall?

maddskull1483d ago

what do you expect from internet explorer

nosferatuzodd1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

indeed aren't they a software company the all in one devise getting beat by a gaming devise wow

NeoTribe1483d ago

Not sure how a software company cant seem to make working software.Sony wins software and hardware lately.

Tyrone_Biggums1483d ago

Plot Twist: PS4 uses Chrome.