PS4 Has A 'Slight But Not Significant Lead' Over Xbox One

NowGamer: "All we've heard for the last couple of months is how the PS4 is expected to smash the Xbox One in terms of sales, giving it a market advantage for the life of the console.

But a study recently commissioned by Ubisoft suggests that the lead the PS4 has isn't quite as significant as we've been led to believe."

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Septic1611d ago

"9% of the 1,000 people surveyed claimed they planned to purchase a PS4 this year, while 13% planned to do so within the first 12 months."

Come on...1000 people is hardly enough to come to a conclusion like that....

GamerXD1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

90/1000 people plan to purchase PS4 this year. Then 80/1000 people plan to purchase X1 this year. Still more lead.

zeee1610d ago

I supported MS last gen (360/PS3) but I mainly used PS3 as my primary gaming console. I don't play to buy Xbox One at all and that's because I don't trust MS anymore and a company that I can't trust, I shall have nothing to do with them.

But, I hope that they do great. We need MS to keep Sony on their toes and vise versa. We need MS, Sony and Nintendo competing for our dollars. Lets hope one company doesn't DOMINATE it all. Competition helps us, the gamers and that's more important than brand loyalty.

Ezz20131610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

lol wow
nothing new here
every single poll ps4 take the lead and by huge amount

Stick891610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


I agree. If it wasn't for the 360's success last gen Sony wouldn't have had that giant slice of humble pie shoved down their throats that forced them to learn from the mistakes of PS3's launch and help create what we were just given a week ago. Competition is a wonderful thing and I fully expect (if the new CEO doesn't can the division) Microsoft to learn from this gen's launch mistakes on the next one.

kneon1610d ago


All such polls are quite consistent. The ratio is always about 2:1 in favor or the PS4.

nasnas761610d ago

These polls are never reliable to actual figures. Mainly because the target audience where these polls are hosted and aren't 100% of the market. Not everyone that plays games go to places like IGN or any gaming website. Those polls from gaming websites will be more skewed towards a certain level of gamers, but not all 100% of the gaming market.

UltimateMaster1609d ago

I don't know the hell they made this poll but, 34% hasn't played any video games and 18% play games once per month.
So yeah, Scrap that poll.

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ArchangelMike1610d ago

It's all to premature. Wait till Christmas 2014, when 1st party AAA games are out, and both consoles have been on the market for 12 months. It's then that the numbers will be significant. Now, ppl are just jumping to conclusions based on pre-order numbers and first week sales.

Drasill1610d ago

Apparently you have no idea how statistics work. 1,000 people is plenty.

TheGreenMan1610d ago

A sample of 1,000 is usually pretty good, but it's not sufficient to measure demand for products like ps4 or x1. I mean ps4 sold over 1 million in a day and x1 will likely sell well too, so extrapolating the results from a 1,000 person sample would be difficult.

yog-sothot1610d ago

Indeed, if the sampling is done correctly, 1000 is large enough to give a good idea of the current audience perspective with a relatively small margin of error. And the fact that the PS4 is selling millions has nothing to do with it.

No, if there is a problem with such survey, it is certainly not the sample's size, it is the fact that many people will change their mind in the coming months and years depending on games and services available on the consoles, and on the larger economical and technological events.

Goku7811610d ago

@ newmonday, yeah that sounds about right.

Philoctetes1610d ago

Taking Ubisoft's numbers at face value gives the PS4 a significant lead. 22 people out of 100 plan to buy a PS4 in the next 12 months, while only 18 out of 100 people plan to buy an Xbone. If those numbers are accurate, it's a 22.2% lead for the PS4. That's pretty sizeable.

The article also doesn't say whether that's the US, NA, Europe, or what. If the PS4 outsells the bone by 20% in NA, it's going to have a huge edge worldwide.

Funantic11610d ago

What survey is that? Anybody can have a survey. My survey of family and friends are getting a Xbone. The X1 is selling great despite it's price. MS was smart profit and revenue wise in selling it at $500 at launch.

Hipflask1610d ago

Ohh my...agreed. Pretty poor sample there and does not indicate a thing. They might as well compare what 100 people think.

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Sarcasm1610d ago

Sigh let's just see when the ps4 snd x1 launches in all territories.

MatrixxGT1610d ago

Can't wait till tonight is over with so this can all go away and we can stay taking games again.

4logpc1610d ago

This is n4g....dont be ridiculous.

strickers1610d ago

Then someone starting counting outside the US......

TRGMatt1610d ago

Make no mistake, ANY lead that PS4 carries over XB1 in North America is a significant one...globally, PS4 is most likely going to hold a near monopoly over Microsoft's machine and that in itself is significant.

CramShaft1610d ago

Do we really want any video game console to have a monopoly? That sounds risky and can lead to a stagnant industry that supplies many of us with hours of entertainment.

Hicken1610d ago

Both the PS1 and PS2 had massive leads over the competition, and yet there was no stagnation during that time.

Really, it all depends on who winds up dominating. And, honestly, I think it's only possible to dominate like that if you bring the variety and steer clear of stagnation.

TRGMatt1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I really think XB1 will rebound and perhaps split the audience in North America, leading to hefty competition. Remember, 360 sold TWICE as many machines here that PS3 did so that is by all right domination. As long as the underdog keeps pushing the envelope, it's fine. I agree, monopoly is bad but as some said below: Sony has had a virtual monopoly for quite some time, though they've been head to head with Nintendo before which may not be the case this time. I think the amount of competition is sufficient to not be a hindrance to the industry, rather will help it continue to move forward as both machines vie for our dollars.

CramShaft1609d ago


Good point there. I don't mind if one or the other has a dominate lead...I was speaking in terms of an actual monopoly. I don't care what industry it is, a monopoly is never good for consumers interests.

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