Xbox One launch day apps include Netflix, 4OD, LoveFilm, YouTube & more

The full list of apps available to download on Xbox One on day one include Netflix, 4OD, YouTube, LoveFilm and more, can reveal.

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JackISbacK1765d ago

today got my xb1 recieved it from amazon.i did the updatew and played the dr3 for 3 hours and playing forza now ,people will think how am i playing forza 5 becuaese my i'am writing this post ,hell ya i switched while playing forza to browser and also writing this comment on the same time ,i loved it's speed. what you have to do is only just to say "xbox internet explorer" and here i'am, my game is paused and now writing this comment ,its super cool,super fast fells like you are using future stuff .i robot is happening in real money is placed in aright place and i hope ms have learned from their past mistakes and will bring great new ips and games and now i think i must swith to my forza 5 and now i go xbox forza....

Volkama1765d ago

So... XBox One browser removes text formatting from N4G comments? :)