(Pictures) emulators running on the Vita TV, make the device exciting again

Retro gamers have found ways to run old school emulators on the recently released VitaTV

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gunboss2011726d ago

Brings back psps days!!! Awesome!!!

Sanquine901726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

As expected Wololo... ! Why can't you just play the games that are in the store. Thanks to you guys Sony updates to often equals downloading stupid updates for 10 min... Thanks

Baylex1726d ago

What I'm going to say is a little bit odd, and you guys might hate it or not... but I think the Vita should be hackaed and when I say this. I really mean the full hackes console and the full ps vita games in ISO format...

With the vita hacked everyone would go buy it!! And sony should let that happen!! This would make vita sales get bigger and maybe more games would come to the vita.

You see the DS was hackable through a game card, and it didn't stop it from selling and having games!

HakatoX1726d ago

It would be ROM format.
I agree yet disagree.
DS hacking and PSP hacking are two different things. Most average Joes don't know about flashcarts. Softmods on the PSP allowed everyone and their mom to be a "hacker"

assassin2k1726d ago

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If the Vita was fully hacked and people bought it just because it was so, then all the people you're referring to would buy it for free games and developers would get nothing. A hacked Vita would unlikely help it in any way, aside for the odd boost for homebrew

gunboss2011726d ago

Nope.. I'm supporting Anti-Piracy for VITA :)

Baylex1726d ago

Hey I'm not saying that I'm in favour of piracy! And I support my vita with a lot of games... but you guys have to admit it.. we (ppl who have a vita) it's not enough to support it..

And maybe some day later sony would realease a new type of security in the game cards that would prevent the piracy...
For example.. sony would make the vita very easy to hack in the beginning.. but after the hardware sales rise, they should launch a new type of security that would prevent the newest games from being copied.. you see what I meant?

DarkHeroZX1725d ago


Once the PS Vita keys are leaked Sony will never be able to completely stop piracy on the Vita because the hardware will be completely open. Sony and developers depend on software sales to make money as Sony doesn't make much money off the hardware. If Sony allowed for the Vita to just be hacked then kiss game support of any kind good bye. Why would any developer want to just give away their hard work and see nothing in return? I think you need to stop and think before you speak.

Baylex1725d ago

It's just my opinion... I respect the disagrees.. but why do ppl need to give bubbles down??? Don't get it... did I say something to offend someone? I guess not... It's my opinion respect that..

As I said before... everyone had the DS roms at their dosposal and it didn't stop developers from making games for the console right? It's the same thing...

DarkHeroZX1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )


Actually the DS hack and PSP hack are not the same. Only a small percentage of people played Roms on their DS. Nintendo had most of the sites taken down that sold those cards and started bricking new handhelds through firmware updates. Sony's PSP on the other hand didn't need to buy a secondary device to hack their PSP which lead to the biggest pirating of games no device has seen this gen. And yes developers abandoned the PSP. Look up all the canceled teams and statements made by companies on the PSP. Sorry but I'm not speaking opinion but actual supported fact. Sony would rather have higher software sales then hardware sales. Sony loses money on hardware but makes money on software. Therefore making the Vita hack proof to allow people to pirate would be bad for Sony and developers.

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elnacho1725d ago

@Sanquine90, In wololo's defense:

- It is not his hack, he is just reporting about it

- not sure if you have seen his review of the vitaTV, but it appears only 25% of the vita games are compatible with it... so, "people can't play the games that are in the store" because of Sony's decision, in this case