Blizzard excited by PlayStation 4 and its horsepower

Blizzard's Jonny Ebbert expressed the team's enthusiasm for PlayStation 4, from its raw power to the social features embedded in the system.

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obliteratorFTW1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Looking forward to diablo3 on ps4 and ofcourse remote play ^__^ awesome.

ZodTheRipper1769d ago

After playing Path Of Exile I can't see me going back to Diablo 3 :/
But I'm looking forward to more PS4 games from Blizzard, how about Titan and Warcraft 4? :P

Chrischi19881769d ago

Diablo3 on console is really a bad game. Ok, it makes fun running around with 3 of your friends in co-op play, but that is also where it all ends.

The Online is bad, somebody can dupe Items as much as they want, Blizzard did not include any way to surpress it, no they wanted to integrate the feature, that a friend can bring his char to your PS3 via USB stick... So Items are worth nothing, the whole level up until lvl60 and find the best gear, is simply destroyed by being able to dupe items and that destroys the whole funfactor at the end game. Trading is destroyed, finding good gear is destroyed. Of course you can try and play without depending on Items, others found and shit on trading, but then, that is where the game really begins to suck.

On PC they are on the right direction. Not to mention, that the console version is fault for destroying the good old skill system, just to make it playable on a controller and that affected the gameplay so hard, that many people went to different games, which were more like good old Diablo2. Thanks console fans, you destroyed one of the best franchises, which almost only came to PC (Diablo 1 on PSone as exception and all know, how well you could play that on the PS)

SL1M DADDY1769d ago

The console version is what you make of it. If you have such trouble not taking trades from dupers then perhaps you need to seek help. Being able to stay disciplined is not that hard and going all self-found is easy if you have half a brain. Nocking a version of the game that relies on your own discipline is just silly. Both the PC and Console version have their ups and downs. The best aspect of the Console version is the loot you can find whereas the PC version, well, I can't wait for loot 2.0. I have a self-found wizard and barb on the console both well over 300k dps and on the PC, after trading and buying tons of crap off the GAH, I have them nicely in the 200k to 300k dps range. Both versions are just different and the console one requires your discipline to be fun.

NeoTribe1768d ago

I was an early path of exile supporter and donater. Its the best diablo 2 clone ever made. But the problem is it is just that, a clone of somethi g I've already experienced. Diablo 3 gameplay mechanics far surpasses that of exile. All diablo 3 is lacking in is the skill customization which is to be heavily addressed in this new xpac. While exile is good, it already feels dated and done before.

Hellsvacancy1769d ago

Bring Starcraft 2 to the PS4, PLEEEEEEASE

abzdine1769d ago

playable with touchpad or even move.
one can dream

Chrischi19881769d ago

You dont really think, that is all to really play Starcraft 2, do you?

You need like 15 Hotkeys at least. RTS on console is simply not really playable in a good way, not even on a Wii U and there it would work the best of all the consoles.

Destrania1769d ago

I didn't even think about that! RTS on console could actually work relatively well due to the DS4 because of that. Maybe we'll see some great new RTS games built from the ground up for PS4.

Alexious1769d ago

I don't think it would work well, unfortunately.

Hellsvacancy1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Why? is it the old age argument of m/k vs gamepads?

I do perfectly understand that m/k is far more responsive, I doesn't matter that much though, i've been playing Terraria on the PS3, Terraria is a game probably suited better with m/k, i'm doing alright though, same with games like Minecraft and From Dust

Consoles have had many rts games, you get used to the control scheme, some games are more responsive than others

Starcraft 3 will play fine on the PS4, the touchpad may help, or Blizzard could even include m/k support, what would be the problem then?

Either way I want it on the PS4, I can't see much of a reason why it won't work


Omegasyde1769d ago

I agree. See starcraft64 as an example.

World of Warcrack would definitely work however.

Chrischi19881769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

It wont work well, only with mouse and keyboard. You need so many hotkeys and controll so many units at once and part here and part there and use the special skills of that unit there and here and of that unit here and there. That is way to much input for one controller. And if you start with, why not add mouse keyboard to the PS4, why dont they do that for every FPS, too? Wouldnt that be much better, too? I know some will say no, but it definitely would be.

All the Hotkey you need, it is way to complex for a touchpad, where you dont even see where you are klicking at.

Dont want to destroy those thoughts, but it would be handcramps to play on a console and with controlls of a PC it is already hard to manage, if you want to be good.

Whitey2k1769d ago ShowReplies(4)
decrypt1769d ago

The last thing Blizzard need to be excited about is PS4s horse power lol.

When has a Blizzard game ever been graphics intensive? I bet they could run their games maxed out on a PS3 lol.

What really matters is the control scheme. If console gamers are willing to play with Mouse Keyboard then games like SC2 etc might stand a good chance for a console release.

obliteratorFTW1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Actually, you know what bro, diablo 3 gameplay is better on consoles :P

Btw, leave strategy games to pc please, they just don't feel right on consoles.

decrypt1769d ago

Diablo 3 honestly was such a step back, as a PC gamer i never touched it, so i wouldnt know which version is better.

Any how for a RTS game like SC2 you def need mouse Keyboard its just not the same as Diablo, if console users are ok with that, by all means have a console release. Blizzard games dont need much horse power.

Prime1571769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


I said that about fps after Ut99. Now people prefer controller and are actually pretty good at it.

Regardless, any console that lets me use mouse and keyboard (for most games) will be my main console.

Edit: I'm just sayingting that I get what you are saying, but what about 3-5 years down the line.

Somebody1769d ago

Diablo 3's gameplay is better on consoles because Blizzard deliberately made it that way. They could've easily implement the same gameplay for the PC version but, no, they decided that it's better have those two separated. There are numerous indie devs who made their RPG games seamlessly switch between controller and KBM while the powerful Blizzard is doing the opposite.

So there's nothing to be proud of console D3's gameplay when it is done so to leave out its older fan base that has been loyal for over a decade. The difference/advantage is merely one patch away that Blizzard will keep hidden.

MysticStrummer1769d ago

When has horsepower only meant graphics?

RTS can be done just fine on consoles, with or without mouse and keyboard. As you said, it's about the control scheme, but consoles have supported mouse and keyboard for awhile, yet still almost no one makes a console game that requires them.

Alexious1769d ago

I've actually read from those who tried the PS4 game at Blizzcon that it looks better than the PC version.

Yourpapa1769d ago

yeah, diablo 3 the #1 benchmark killer

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