Amazon Digital Black Friday Deals Start Now, Last Till Cyber Monday's Black Friday sale has started early, and brand new deals have just been announced.

Starting now, you can save big on the following digital titles. Here is a look at what's available through's digital Pre-Black Friday sale, Black Friday deals, and Thanksgiving-Day-Only deals.

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Old_Boss_1727d ago

Is BF4 only on PC ?

Because i have it on PC and i might get it for PS4

C-H-E-F1727d ago

What? No BF has been a multiplatformer for the last 4 iterations atleast. It's on the PS4(vita), PS3, 360 and xox as well.

Old_Boss_1727d ago

Lol i know i mean does the sales include PS4 version

C-H-E-F1727d ago

Ohhh I thought you were under a rock for the last 8 years and I think it's just the pc version.