Sony reset passwords for European PSN users

If during these last 24 hours have had problems with your access to PSN forcing you to change the user password do not worry. Since yesterday Sony has launched a campaign that has reset the accounts of all (or most) of European users of PSN service.
Since Sony announced that it has sought a security measure and that at no time have run risk accounts or any

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Chris5581609d ago

My uk ps plus account got reseted but the main one (slovakian) haven't been touched guess even sony doesn't know where is svk :D

Chris5581609d ago

lucky fella i almost fcked up cause fake birth number

The_KELRaTH1609d ago

lol yeah I have those probs with my US one :)

dspx-chaos1609d ago

My PS+ account got reset but my US or my messabout account which is not a PS+ subscriber did not get reset

kewlkat0071609d ago

Why is this happening in the first place.