PS4 vs. Xbox One: Round 1 to Sony

Now that he Xbox One and PS4 have been reviewed, it's time to break down the scorecard and see why CNET gave the higher mark to the PS4.

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badboy7761611d ago

Do We even need a Round 2? K.O!!!!

theBAWSE1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

round two will be next week when the ps4 is released in Europe

then we will see who has sold the most, considering ps4 has only released in Northern America and xbone has its global release tomorrow

Insomnia_841611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

It will be like throwing rocks at a dead horse.

Just leave it alone. The XBone is DOA.

Btw why does it say "Priced at $799.99"???

thrust1611d ago

Just like the ps4s!

its an opinion like mine is xbox one much better to me for me ;)

FamilyGuy1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Lmao, is this really cnet?

What a surprising turn of events to see them giving the win to Sony.

That $799 price is apparently what the PS4 is selling for on
It's a link to it

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ABizzel11610d ago


Technically this is Round 2.

Round 1: Pre-Release Battle (announcement events + E3)
Sony won

Round 2: Launch
Wait until December IMO, but it seems Sony has the lead

Round 3: Year 1 (December 2014)
XBO has some heavy hitters, but PS4 has a HUGE list of games from indies and PC developers and they still haven't shown their full 1st party line-up.

Round 4: Year 3 (these consoles are entering their prime)

Round 5: End of the generation.

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j-blaze1611d ago

quality console and games so far goes to XB1 hands down

nosferatuzodd1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

dream on have you seen ryse score thats youre big game and it gets 5 out of 10 only sites own by Microsoft give it 8 out of 10 because of bias edit quality you mean a 500 dollar system that's weaker than a 400 dollar system , yeah sure that's quality alright s quality

lastofgen1611d ago

I don't get as to why you automatically discredit the other two heavy hitters that are performing admirably- forza 5 and dead rising 3, just because ryse is getting poor to mixed reviews..

Boody-Bandit1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Dead Rising 3 is a heavy hitter, seriously?

DR3 was never meant to be a AAA title / heavy hitter. It's an average looking over the top arcade dismember zombies game.

Forza 5 definitely could have been but any honest fan of the series knew it wasn't going to be. It arrived a year too soon having less than half the content of Forza 4 and an okay boost in visuals but nothing spectacular.

Ryse was the game most touted / hyped game coming into this generation. "The visuals are simply mind blowing, nothing looks as good on any console. Haters can play it down all you want it's going to be stellar." <- Is all MS fans were saying the last several months leading up to launch. Those of us that are actual gamers and have eyes have all said it's such a simplistic combat engine with clunky animations. All the visuals in the world are not going to help that title be even close to a AAA title and it isn't. Hell even Polygon gave it a 6. Some reputable (I know I'm kind of laughing at that word too) sites gave it a 4 or a 5.

Anyone that says the X1 "clearly" has the better launch line up needs to check into rehab, take off those goggles, stop kidding yourselves or go see an eye doctor.

Face it, Sony has the edge because they are focused on what matters most, games. They built the most powerful developer friendly console for the next generation that will offer gamers the overall best "gaming" experience, and most importantly at a cheaper price point. Their online runs better and has much better communication than the PS3 does. That was my biggest gripe with the PS3, in game voice communication. I played in a party of 4 last night playing Killzone and it ran like butter and voice communication was crystal clear.

MS will do fine this generation but Sony will do significantly better.

j-blaze1610d ago

calm down I said "so far"
and yeah ryse got mixed reviews but have seen knack reviews? yeah it got 5s and 3s
also, 400 is still too high for a buggy console with awful launch exclusives "so far" :3
I'll wait till next year and buy a Japan made PS4 for Deep Down :D

MysticStrummer1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

PS4 launch lineup is higher reviewed, and we can't possibly know about XB1's quality yet but it could do worse than PS4 and still be a well made console.

Not sure why I bothered replying to you since I've seen your past comments and know you to be irrational.

GarrusVakarian1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

The only X1 game to have consistently "good" reviews is Forza 5, DR3 was mixed and we all know how well RYSE scored.

Superior multiplats and well received F2P's is a win for Sony imo.

Also, 1 million console sold and under 1% failure rate is a quality console, industry standard is 3% failure rate at launch.

first1NFANTRY1611d ago

dream on troll. the verdict is in and it's not looking good for MS's third child.

If things play out any further the ps4 will leave the X1 in the dust with all the upcoming exclusives.

Not looking good at all.

MasterCornholio1611d ago

Actually the PS4s quality is higher than the XBOX One. All you have to do is compare the mobos and you can see which one has the most advanced design.

DeadManIV1611d ago

Check dat Ryse receiving mostly 5's. I'll give you dead rising - that game looks great, apart from that I could care less about the xbonr

mrpsychoticstalker1610d ago

Did you fix ur ps4 yet? Remember, keep ur room at cool temperatures!

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Scrivlar1611d ago

I'm getting both because they are obviously both great consoles with great games coming. Might even get the Wii-U with the line of games they have. Can't we all just get along and say they're both good?....Maybe?...No?....Ok.

Scrumptious1611d ago

If you an individual only has the financial means to purchase one system it boils down to exclusives, performance, and value. Two of the three were awarded to the PS4...and those are not subjective. The PS4 is more powerful and $100 less.

mshh41611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Sony destroys M$ .

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