PS4 vs. Xbox One: Round 1 to Sony

Now that he Xbox One and PS4 have been reviewed, it's time to break down the scorecard and see why CNET gave the higher mark to the PS4.

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badboy7761733d ago

Do We even need a Round 2? K.O!!!!

theBAWSE1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

round two will be next week when the ps4 is released in Europe

then we will see who has sold the most, considering ps4 has only released in Northern America and xbone has its global release tomorrow

Insomnia_841733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

It will be like throwing rocks at a dead horse.

Just leave it alone. The XBone is DOA.

Btw why does it say "Priced at $799.99"???

thrust1733d ago

Just like the ps4s!

its an opinion like mine is xbox one much better to me for me ;)

FamilyGuy1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Lmao, is this really cnet?

What a surprising turn of events to see them giving the win to Sony.

That $799 price is apparently what the PS4 is selling for on
It's a link to it

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ABizzel11733d ago


Technically this is Round 2.

Round 1: Pre-Release Battle (announcement events + E3)
Sony won

Round 2: Launch
Wait until December IMO, but it seems Sony has the lead

Round 3: Year 1 (December 2014)
XBO has some heavy hitters, but PS4 has a HUGE list of games from indies and PC developers and they still haven't shown their full 1st party line-up.

Round 4: Year 3 (these consoles are entering their prime)

Round 5: End of the generation.

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Scrivlar1733d ago

I'm getting both because they are obviously both great consoles with great games coming. Might even get the Wii-U with the line of games they have. Can't we all just get along and say they're both good?....Maybe?...No?....Ok.

Scrumptious1733d ago

If you an individual only has the financial means to purchase one system it boils down to exclusives, performance, and value. Two of the three were awarded to the PS4...and those are not subjective. The PS4 is more powerful and $100 less.

mshh41733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Sony destroys M$ .

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