More money than sense: Playing the PS4 on the Xbox One

One of the defining features of the Xbox One is that it has an HDMI input socket, allowing you to plug a wide range of media devices into the console. The intended purpose of this HDMI socket is to allow you to watch TV and play games side-by-side on the same screen — but in practice, you can plug just about anything into the Xbox One’s HDMI socket, including the PS4. And so that’s what we did — on a 65-inch 4K television no less.

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nutcase131519d ago

hmmm... the voice commands are better than I expected. Seems pretty neat if you want to show of in front of guests. My old fashioned dad would definitely be impressed.

Would love the Xbone but only have enough money for the PS4, hope you Xboners (hehe boner) have a great time!

Naga1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Great... that "Xboner" moniker had better not catch on, now. Thanks a lot.

OT: I'd really like to see a direct demonstration of the controller latency with this setup.

FriedGoat1519d ago

Completely useless to me, for one I won't be enjoying the DTS HD, and for two i wont be enjoying surround sound AT ALL. For some reason microsoft didn't think people would be using surround on the device they plug in? Stupid for a supposed all in one media device.

TheBrit1519d ago

cable box cable box cable box cable box cable box

LoTuZ1519d ago

Your comment is interesting.

donman11519d ago

This is pointless plus you will not get true surround sound with this.

Naga1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I disagree. I had been planning to run my wife's Wii U through my Xbox One, so this is actually quite relevant. My only concern right now is the controller latency, because that could be a deal breaker on this sort of arrangement.

FriedGoat1519d ago

Pointless for people who spend a lot of money on their setups. Plugging anything into that port is going to be inferior, like it or not.

donman11517d ago

I suggest you do your research first. There are countless limitations running any console through the XboxOne. One of which is downgrading your sound quality and latency issues.

bennissimo1519d ago

If you have your Xbox running through your receiver before going to the TV, you'll have 7.1 if you want it.

Ju1519d ago

Well, at least you get some 1080p gameplay, lol.

yesmynameissumo1519d ago

Voice commands work when you know what to say.

James Vanderbeek1519d ago

who the hell wants to talk to their system? i guess people like different things. i just want to play games!!! I dont want to talk to my tv neither. i just want to watch sports and blu ray movies. I dont want to talk to my gf neither. i just want to bang her.

I do enough talking at work. talking to a machine just doesnt seem all that f'ing cool to me. Just gimmicks.

TheBrit1519d ago

do you cuss at the screen when things go wrong?!

Hicken1518d ago

Yeah, though it's really more at the people IN the screen than the console. This is talking directly to the console.

Plus, I doubt Kinect recognizes phrases like, "Xbox, go f____ yourself!"

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