Playstation4 Firmware Update 1.51 Fixed Some Errors

Sony roll out the firmware update 1.51 last night, this update fix some error that user of PS4 were facing from many days. Your PS4 will automatically download it, enabling you to update quickly and easily.

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PSX041727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I hope this new firmware will be the starting for issues ending

Modi19841727d ago

Some of the PS4 error are fixed in this firmware update, here they are:

System Failures Error Fixed
Constant Ejecting Disk Fixed
Beeping Issue
PS4 Constantly Freezing Fixed
Unrecognizable Disc Error Fixed

SegaGamer1727d ago

Those issues shouldn't have been there in the first place. I'm getting fed up with things being released and everyone accepting it because they can update later. Things shouldn't be released if they aren't up to the correct standards.

UltimateMaster1726d ago

It's not like it's everyone who's getting problems with theirs.
A lot of people have no issues what-so-ever.

Also, chill out, the console has only been out for a few days. It's not like this has been a recurring problem over 5 years *RROD*.

SegaGamer1726d ago


I meant things in general. So many things, especially gaming related, get released with problems and they think it's ok because they can be patched. Well for me that isn't good enough.

ShinnokDrako1727d ago

Great, great... so when i finally put my hands on my new PS4 in about a week (argh, a bit more than a week.... sigh...) everything will work great. Looking forward for this damned console!!

PSX041727d ago

it's will work like awesome device .... enjoy dude :)

KYU21301727d ago

have to admit this is really exceptional response time. Hopefully the hardware related issues are ironed out before the US gets its second wave of units.

TristanPR771727d ago

My PS4 download updates so fast that I have to yell: hey wait! Let me see what you are downloading!!! Lol

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