Revision3: Ryse Son of Rome Video Review

Adam Sessler reviews the Xbox One exclusive launch title, Ryse: Son of Rome.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

About what I expected. The game looks good but the gameplay looks bland to me.

Riderz13371464d ago

He says it reminds him of Knack, not including the pretty graphics, saying that the gameplay is boring and repetitive and the story isn't very intriguing.

MusicComposer1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Except Knack got 3/5 stars and Ryse got 2/5 from them, that's pretty crazy. Ryse is also only around 5 hours long, half the length.

Ultra1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Are you sure link to the review was correct? It goes to forza review, can't find the ryse review there.

edit: ok. looks like it was a mistaken review.

Bruce_Wayne1464d ago

You beat me to putting my first news!


OT: I wasn't expecting much from this game. Boring seems just about right if the previews were any thing to go by. That good review we saw earlier wasn't even a real review. Curious to see what the rest will be like.

ZBlacktt1464d ago

So it has begun.... Like I said people rent it before you buy it.

NewMonday1464d ago Show
pyramidshead1464d ago

Some people are going to eat a tonne of crow today, but I'll wait for a few more reviews to do some serving :P

minimur121464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

First of all, Ryse is only 5 hours long?!?!?!


" The story is cringeworthy"
This is a crytek game we're talking about, so yeah.

And I know this sounds harsh, but I'm pretty glad its bad, I'm geting a PS4 and was kinda pissed that I'd be missing out on this game, now I'm just annoyed how I'll never play Dead Rising 3 lol

theBAWSE1464d ago

damn when one of the biggest bias xbone supporters marks a AAA game this low you know the game is wack

don't worry Microsoft fanatics polygon will give it a 8

Insomnia_841464d ago

Knack is better than Ryse!


Microsoft: "XBone has the best exclusives"

I don't think so!

More exclusives than PS4 on launch, one with the lowest scores of the next gen games and last gen graphics (Lococycle) and the most hyped turned out to be borefest (Ryse)

kickerz1464d ago

I'm gonna wait for ign review to make judgement. This Adam bloke seams like a total di_ k looking for attention.

andibandit1464d ago

Submitted by Riderz1337

Lol, might as well have been MariaHelFutura.

itBourne1464d ago

I think the most unsettling thing is this pay for progress structure. This BETTER not make its way into all games. Game design will go down hill to appease this sort of thing. I hope to no end that no other devs will follow. MS can do it their first parties are shit anyhow so I dont care lol, just hope it dont ruin other games.

Studio-YaMi1464d ago

Just as I thought,a mediocre game with good visuals,like all other Crytek games.

kickerz1464d ago

Sorry guys I take it back . Ign gave it 6.8. Guess I won't be buying that game . Had high hopes too.

starchild1464d ago

What's clear to me is that, with a few exceptions, most of the best games this season are multiplats, not exclusives.

That's not to say that people can't get enjoyment out of some of these exclusives. Individual taste varies and even if the majority finds a game to be "average" it might be more than average to you.

DragonKnight1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

@minimur12: You should check out Tara Long's review of Dead Rising 3 then.

@andibandit: Neither Riderz1337 nor MariaHelFutura are responsible for the review itself, so why does it matter which of them submitted it?

@DARK WITNESS: Adam didn't review Knack, Tara Long did. We have no way of knowing what he would have given Knack.

@Xbox fanboys like JokesOnYou: Although I loathe using Adam Sessler to be correct on this, I told you that this was going to happen. But just because Ryse is scoring badly, doesn't mean you can't have fun with it just like people have fun with Knack. Now I think we can table the issue of both of those games wouldn't you agree?

Game-ur1463d ago

If X1 fans want to brag about the games they can't

If they want to enjoy the games for themselves they can

Mystogan1463d ago

Ryse still has a higher Metacritic though. 61.

Knack has 56..

malokevi1463d ago

Man, that sucks. i was hoping for decent reviews. I guess I'll be crossing this one off the list. Bummer.

Might be a good one to get used, though.

DatNJDom811463d ago

No surprise here. It's a crytek game. but its really bad when xboner adam sessler says its bad. I wonder where are all the "ryse is awesome. ryse looks better than anything on PS4" guys are. xboner adam sessler rated Knack higher than ryse. Lets take a minute to process that bit of information. LOL

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Kingthrash3601464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

bro pass dat popcorn!
x1 #1 hyped game just got bumped next to loco cycle.
all this trash talking about kz.. dayum knack gunna beat ryse out it seems. knack 3/5 ryse 2/5 from rev3...ouch

thrust1464d ago

Wait for the real reviews or you could end up looking stupid!

Theyellowflash301464d ago

Both Knack and Ryse suck.

Killzone isn't that great either.

Get a Wii U - Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, and The Wonderful 101. Much better games and value this holiday.

GarrusVakarian1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )


Oh, so this isn't a real review? Get outta here man. I may not care for review scores but i think this passes for a "real review" does one become a "fake" review?

Never change, thrust!

MysticStrummer1464d ago

"Wait for the real reviews or you could end up looking stupid!"

Ahhh yes. Wait for the real opinions.

As much as Sessler obviously favored 360 and has carried that over to XB1, first demanding 1080p then backpedaling, this score is a bad sign. If anyone was going to overrate Ryse, it would be Sessler, and like him or not his name is big enough to count as a "real" review.

SniperControl1464d ago


Wait, you were loving sessler when he kicked Knack and KZ, but now you hate him for kicking Ryse??

Way ta go

ShinMaster1464d ago

@ Theyellowflash30

Already played Rayman Legends on PS3. I already have Wind Waker on GameCube. Pikmin 3 and W101? No thanks.

thrust1464d ago

Its my last day of trolling here :)

will be playing

M-M1464d ago

Off Topic:


Just wanted to let you know, you're pretty bad at trolling lol. The true kings here on N4G are Frigid and Belking.

On Topic:

It's pretty funny, I thought that even Microsoft's biased sites would rate Ryse high. I knew the gameplay was going to drag this game down.

NewZealander1463d ago

so the games not good oh noes! the world must be ending! build a bridge bro, such a fanboy...

thats why i would never preorder a game with no proven track record.

Mystogan1463d ago

Knack metacritic is 56.
Ryse is 61...ouch!

And it's not the number 1 hyped game...That would be Forza 5.

trancefreak1463d ago

Killzone was bad arse despite its short comings.

Novistador1463d ago

No matter how you look at a 2 is bad and a 3 is just meh. Both exclusives have left much to be desired. They look great but (and no surprise here) lack in the game play department. Crytek can never make a good story this im not even remotely surprised with. The hack and slash game play seems fun, but I refuse to buy a game that only plays for 5hrs.

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FlunkinMonkey1464d ago

This is surprising, from Sessler?! This is probably not good news for reviews.. But whatever, if u like the look of it, get it... 99% of reviews i've seen are complete FUD with an agenda.

I would like to however point out that the counter for humble pie is that a way for all the idiots drilling KZ reviews.

showtimefolks1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

This is not surprising I expect this game to be mid 6's and some 7s and maybe few 8ish reviews

Overall in the 60 plus metacritic

Launch games aren't great I just think people over expected. Wait till late 2014 for some awesome games. But launch games have been better so far. It's just some games will not turn out great
What's sad is fanboys get happy when a game gets bad score, knack got bad scores and Xbox fanboys were yeh ps4 launch games suck and now that Xbox one games are getting about the same sores now ps4 fanboys are doing the same

Than there is the fact that Xbox fanboys are overlooking so many PSN games that are getting high 80's scores yet only pointing to knack and now ps4 fanboys will bring up Ryse


Correct me if I am wrong wasn't Ryse a current gen game for xbox360 and original kinect?

Also very disappointed that crytek hasn't learned anything from their past. Crytek graphics can only take you so far

JamieL1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I agree Show, all these fanboy's wishing ill for the "other group's" stuff, is a sad reflection of the morals (or complete lack of) our society produces. It's all about me, my opinion, and what I'm entitled too, screw anything else. LOL we are all gamers, yet it seems some are ready to take this war of toys to the street. Sad but true, I don't know what to do about it, but try to stay logical, and not make any of it personal. I fail at that at times, but it doesn't make it any better or more acceptable.
I mean you can have two folks that really agree 100% on an issue here, but have one attack the other just for mentioning Sony, or MS in the comment. Even though they agree about it, just because a certain Corporation was named, even if the other person was referring to both MS and Sony, they feel the need to ATTACK. Pretty pathetic if you ask me, but I can’t claim innocent of doing the same thing. Just sucks our world is in a state where people will fight, and even hate over a hobby that’s supposed to be fun.

showtimefolks1463d ago


no doubt man just fanboys every where and only their opinions suppose to matter

MightyNoX1464d ago

Expected, indeed. What I did not expect was Adam Sessler giving it that score since I assumed he was in Microsoft's pocket.

BBBirdistheWord1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

yeah. odd.

It's almost like all of the ps4 fanboys that were hating this guy were... wrong?

Can you believe it?

Wasn't this the same guy that got hated on by the ps4 fanboys when he complained loudly that he was not allocated time to test the ps4 hardware for a proper review prior to the ps4 launch?

Watch the ps4 fanboys dance to his tune now! :)

G20WLY1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

^BBBut BBBirdie, you're off topic BBBuddy!

Didn't you want to comment on the review or the score itself? Thought you might have some

As for me? Same as everybody else; I'd already seen enough and long since lost any hope of this being a decent game, sadly. Just keepin' it real.

trancefreak1463d ago

Well Forza got a 5 from cesslor which is from Microsoft studios. So Either Forza is that good, or he leaned into MS favor.

I actually like Adam"s reviews, and speaking of the reviewers IMO; are just that; Opinionated.

JustPlay41464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

And people this would be better then god of war series and if I remember right he gave every god of war game a 5/5 and gave this a 2/5 just saying, I not talking about graphics about game play

GarrusVakarian1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

LOL, who said that?! You have to be seriously dumb to say that RYSE looks better than God Of War....or you have never played or seen a God Of War.

God Of War has deeper combat (so many moves), different weapons to string together combos, tons more variety of enemies, it has difficult puzzles, larger areas....did i mention its one of the playstations best and most loved franchises?

kiz26941464d ago

Yeah I started to see that, it was like last week, the xbone fanboys were defending Ryse by saying it was similar to GOW mainly down to the similar setting, but as we all know, they are very much different.

Deltaguy1464d ago

like killzone to me...i would say knack but that game looks bland and is boring....

B-radical1464d ago

So glad i waited for reviews aha but people have been saying dont worry about reviews so i dont know if i should buy it or not :/

n4rc1463d ago

I bought it completely expecting to trade it back in a week later

Best buy is offering $40 for all launch games... So its essentially a $20 rental for me.. Will pick up dr3 or forza when I'm dine playing it

PSNrandom151463d ago

All those poor souls who bought this game, now it is too late they are already shipping. Classic Microsoft. Keeping the embargo until the very end then bang low scores all over the place. Microsoft Xboning people yet again.

Mystogan1463d ago

Knack has 56 that's under 60 which means you should save your money, if you're not a fan of the franchise.

Ryse has 61. Which to me means its worth the money if its your kind of game and you have nothing else to play.

above 70 means you should definitely spend your money if its your kind of game.

above 80 means that you will enjoy it regardless of whether or not its your kind of game.

That's all me though.

Clunkyd1463d ago

lol even PolySoft gave this game a 60

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HugoDrax1464d ago

Showcase title, nothing more. It still will sell enough to warrant a sequel, and maybe then Crytek will improve on it's gameplay. I'm still purchasing this title tomorrow, as I love Roman history :-)

As far as KNACK! eventually I'll pick it up once it's on sale, I did enjoy the demo.

Hellsvacancy1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Did Crytek improve the gameplay for Crysis 2 and 3?

The graphics do look really nice I will admit, i'm glad next gen is here, well, it's not here for me yet, waiting for The Witcher 3

MajorJackHoff1464d ago

2/5?? I was looking forward to this game, it had a lot of potential.. But I ain't wasting my money on a 2/5 game.

HeavenlySnipes1464d ago

Crysis 3 overall was a better game than Crysis 2

Crytek sucks at story telling but they did improve the game a lot over Crysis 2

asmith23061464d ago

For me launch titles are all about graphical showcasing, end of. PS4 and X1 both have similar stories when it comes to their launch lineup. The good stuff always comes down the line, which is were I think Sony will excel, like last gen. Their 1st party studios are ace. The PS4 even has the slight advantage in the multiplat department this gen as well.

Riderz13371464d ago

Aww they just took the review down. It wasn't supposed to be put online today so that's why. Anyways, we know the score it was a 2/5.

The only thing he listed as "like" was great visuals. The rest were dislike.

HugoDrax1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Exactly so where did the review Go? I clicked on the link and it took me to Forza 5.


No problem, appreciate the link. I hadn't realized Sessler had reviewed games for Xbox One already? Anyhow 22 hrs to go till I pick up my xbox one.

Riderz13371464d ago

Yes they took it down. I think they accidentally put the review up on their website too early. At first, when I tried to put a direct link to the video it said "This video has not been made public yet". I instantly knew the review had gone up early so I had to put a link to Adam Sesslers page instead of the video. So now Forza 5 shows up, which was his last review.

Sorry guys.

Riderz13371464d ago


check it out everyone!

Lovable1464d ago

Called it. Game was a major flop. Well, it was obvious enough when Crytek is the one behind it.

ZBlacktt1464d ago

That would be I. But I was being nice about it, lol.

MasterCornholio1464d ago

And I thought Adam would rate this much higher.

Anyways I predict mixed reviews for the game.

Nexus 7 2013

jessupj1463d ago

Maybe he purposefully was harsh with the review to try to gain some credibility back.

Won't work on me though.