Revision3: Ryse Son of Rome Video Review

Adam Sessler reviews the Xbox One exclusive launch title, Ryse: Son of Rome.

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HugoDrax1704d ago

Showcase title, nothing more. It still will sell enough to warrant a sequel, and maybe then Crytek will improve on it's gameplay. I'm still purchasing this title tomorrow, as I love Roman history :-)

As far as KNACK! eventually I'll pick it up once it's on sale, I did enjoy the demo.

Hellsvacancy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Did Crytek improve the gameplay for Crysis 2 and 3?

The graphics do look really nice I will admit, i'm glad next gen is here, well, it's not here for me yet, waiting for The Witcher 3

MajorJackHoff1704d ago

2/5?? I was looking forward to this game, it had a lot of potential.. But I ain't wasting my money on a 2/5 game.

HeavenlySnipes1704d ago

Crysis 3 overall was a better game than Crysis 2

Crytek sucks at story telling but they did improve the game a lot over Crysis 2

asmith23061704d ago

For me launch titles are all about graphical showcasing, end of. PS4 and X1 both have similar stories when it comes to their launch lineup. The good stuff always comes down the line, which is were I think Sony will excel, like last gen. Their 1st party studios are ace. The PS4 even has the slight advantage in the multiplat department this gen as well.

Riderz13371704d ago

Aww they just took the review down. It wasn't supposed to be put online today so that's why. Anyways, we know the score it was a 2/5.

The only thing he listed as "like" was great visuals. The rest were dislike.

HugoDrax1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Exactly so where did the review Go? I clicked on the link and it took me to Forza 5.


No problem, appreciate the link. I hadn't realized Sessler had reviewed games for Xbox One already? Anyhow 22 hrs to go till I pick up my xbox one.

Riderz13371704d ago

Yes they took it down. I think they accidentally put the review up on their website too early. At first, when I tried to put a direct link to the video it said "This video has not been made public yet". I instantly knew the review had gone up early so I had to put a link to Adam Sesslers page instead of the video. So now Forza 5 shows up, which was his last review.

Sorry guys.

Riderz13371704d ago


check it out everyone!

Lovable1704d ago

Called it. Game was a major flop. Well, it was obvious enough when Crytek is the one behind it.

ZBlacktt1704d ago

That would be I. But I was being nice about it, lol.

MasterCornholio1704d ago

And I thought Adam would rate this much higher.

Anyways I predict mixed reviews for the game.

Nexus 7 2013

jessupj1703d ago

Maybe he purposefully was harsh with the review to try to gain some credibility back.

Won't work on me though.