Not All DLC is Created Equal

Teresa writes, "It seems like it has become more expensive to get all the perks for your favorite video game. Once a game comes out, it is only a matter of time before something bigger and newer comes out for it that you can download."

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rooter1610d ago

All that is fine, even developers' urge for making more money is fully understandable. What brings irritation and bad taste is the corruption driven by marketing gurus, I suppose. (cont...)

rooter1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Gods of cash push the gaming companies into developing technologies for manipulating their users, forcing them to buy DLC, or to play multiplayer just to get another ending. (cont...)

GentlemenRUs1610d ago

Could not have put it better myself!

markoghc1610d ago

Well, I blame gamers. If gamers didn't buy DLCs, then publishers wouldn't force developers to make them. Anyone remember the good old days when you could make custom maps for your game, and not be forced to buy new ones as DLC? If only expansion packs came back...

TheLostCause1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

If all DLCs were huge expansions developed after release like Shivering Isles and GTA IVs expansions now that would be amazing and would be worth buying, I don't like this trend of having locked content already on the disc on games that we pay £48-£60 for... Isn't that amount of money enough for a complete game?

Kyosuke_Sanada1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

My biggest problem is when a company announces DLC before release of a title yet the final product needs a continent-sized patch at day one in order to even function properly. This shows how much priority is given to the actual release version in terms of quality......

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