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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is a surprising, charming return to form for a seemingly lagging series. Though the additions to naval combat are highly enjoyable and the game is a graphical masterpiece, the truly amazing part of the game is how much raw personality and charisma they manage to fit into a 20-hour experience.

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pivotplease1702d ago

Sounds like a good game from all the reviews. I'm glad since I was interested in it, but my friend said the third was a deuce and I wasn't a fan of how they basically sold the second game three times.

MurDocINC1702d ago

The best part is the ship, it's really fun battling other ships, boarding them for resources. Then upgrading the ship to take on bigger and badder ships.
On foot, it's same old AC but I still end up doing all the side stuff.

pivotplease1697d ago

Yeah the ship segments look great. I also like the weaponless stealth segments, bars, and underwater exploration though. Looks like a good time.