OtakuDome: 240p To 1080p: Does It Matter?

Otaku Dome's thoughts on gaming gramphics:

Ever since the trend of High-Definition began a few years ago, both tech nits and gamers have stride to get the highest level of definition rather it was for the simple fact that hobbyist wanted to improve their collection, or for more personal reasons such as hardcore gamers wanted bragging ri…er the highest quality of gaming, but as time passed gamers became more adept to wanting the highest graphic settings possible rather it be on Console or PC, and news breaking about the Xbox One’s limitation being 720p (when its’ predecessor could go above that resolution), the already annoying flame wars got worse.

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Majin-vegeta1727d ago

If graphics didnt matter then why arent we still playing with pong graphics??.

Snookies121727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

They will matter up until the point of photo realism. When people, locations, and details look exactly like their real world counterparts. Then, and only then will graphics cease to matter. By then, we will have virtual reality which will be playing catch-up to console/PC graphical prowess. Once VR gets to becoming photo realistic, there will no longer be a need for new systems or upgrades to our PCs. Unless of course you're talking about the scale of a game world. In that case, more ram will always matter and we'll have game worlds the size of real world countries lol! Oh, I wish I could see that day...

OtakuDome1727d ago

Ha good point, but as far as comparing the 5 outputs out now to one another is what I'm talking about.

JusticeBolt1726d ago

240p To 1080p: Does It Matter? ..Of course. (If we are comparing the same games on all platforms)

GarrusVakarian1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I don't know about you guys but i always set my YouTube videos to 240p.

So crisp.

OtakuDome1726d ago

Tbf, video and gameplay is a bit different when it comes to those outputs.

Shinuz1726d ago

Oh come on I was playing at 1280x1024 almost 15 years ago on pc. Its time to move to something better than 1280x720 don't you think?

kB01726d ago

Yes, that's like saying 1080p screen vs 240p screen....This seems like a pointless article.

If we're upgrading TV tech why should graphics lag behind?

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