Watch Xbox One Being Demoed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Microsoft marketing machine is in full flow now and recently during the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, they demoed the Xbox One console.

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Axonometri1765d ago

Wow! I am blown away with boredom. That was so lame. lol

xboned_you1765d ago

I can only imagine how bored you are with the PS4 then considering its already out and your still watching Xbox videos lol! Your still waiting on the greatness too?

ABizzel11765d ago


Not if he's outside of NA, PS4 comes out next week.

neocores1765d ago

Lol this right here is a sad fanboy lol

boing11765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yes, because U.S.== World.

FamilyGuy1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Some of us like games media AND playing games you know?

I'm here, reading tons of articles on my days off and I'm like the 103rd top score on Resoguns "Master" difficulty level.

I came here to see if the X1s showing on Fallon was as good/entertaining as the PS4 one. It failed hard in comparison.

Funny how MS tried to show the casual side too, it wasn't terrible, just not that great an they even had some negatives in this video. The hand raising being noticed failed twice "Higher, a little higher" and the recreation of Jimmy looked nothing like him and it plastered a beard on him for no reason. Fail.
The dude even spins out 5 seconds in to playing Forza, seems he's not much of a gamer yet sent out to represent to X1 on live, public tv.

Pogmathoin1765d ago

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone, eh fanboys?

cleft51765d ago

I find it an interesting decision not to use Kinect voice commands. That's kind of a big thing for them.

xboned_you1765d ago

@abizzle then there should be loads of content for Sony fans to watch then right? Lol I guess u guys gotta give that brick a chance to cool down before it taps out! Keep the failure rate low guys

ltachiUchiha1765d ago


What is this? Bible study? Lol i kid i kid. =]

curtis921765d ago

You DO realize some people work and are not ALWAYS in front of a TV right? I'm not saying the other dude wasn't being a troll, but I LOVE my PS4 and I'm watching this video because I'm at work right now. Just saying.

mrpsychoticstalker1765d ago

Lmfao . Real greatness awaits Nov 22

DrRobotnik1765d ago

Use those 2 bubbles wisely.

xHeavYx1765d ago

I thought there was no lag, but at the 2:04 mark you can notice the lag

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JoGam1765d ago

Now im just waiting for someone to compare both PS4 and Xbone Jimmy Fallon videos. Oh best believe, someone will do it.

Insomnia_841765d ago

I actually did and what a difference! This is pretty lame compared to the PS4 debut at the show.In the PS4 Debut The audience, the host and the guest were all like "wow" "this is awesome" "this is fun" everyone was hyped about it and cheered multiple times etc.

calis1765d ago

Did Kinect actually work?

HappyWithOneBubble1765d ago

Seems so. That jet ski game looks fun but I prefer controller. I wish Sony bring back Jet Moto.

Starbucks_Fan1765d ago

Look at all of those dislikes XD.

Apex131765d ago

$499 and Silence. It's like e3 all over again.

They have priced themselves out of the football mum market.

ar000431765d ago

Awkward silence... again!

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The story is too old to be commented.