Beetey890d ago

So far so good! I can't wait till we start hearing more about this game!

GuruStarr78890d ago

Yeah, lets just hope that they localize this!

stavrami-mk2889d ago

Pretty sure when they 1st announced this they said it's world wide. Hope so anyway

ChozenWoan889d ago

This is what I call a system seller.

Sony needs this to come to US day1.

Blastoise890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

This game looks so much fun. I'm pretty confident it will get localized too.

I'm definitely gonna get it

Grapple onto a monster's arm and chop it off? Awww yeaaaahh

Inception889d ago

All Japan Studio games always got localized. So i'm sure Sony will localize it.

But, it seem Sony took Soul Sacrifice concept and smash it with Bionic Commando / Attack on Titan. Seems cool and interesting.

tubers889d ago

More like Lost Planet (Grapling + traditional guns) + God Eater.

Inception889d ago

Well Bionic Commando also had grapling + traditional guns and they came first before Lost Planet. But...whatever. I want to see more gameplay with monsters like Bahamut.

porkChop890d ago

Graphics and gameplay look pretty good so far. Seems to run smooth as well.

nope111890d ago

AWESOME!!!! Loved God Eater soo much and this oozes GE.
The grappling mechanic reminds me a bit of Lost Planet. I remember grappling on an Acrid's big orange butt and opening a can of lead on it.

tubers889d ago

Shift (God Eater) team is also working on it.

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