Microsoft: $100m spent on Xbox One gamepad R&D

A whopping $100m was spent on research and development for Xbox One's controller, Microsoft has revealed.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Xbox GM for accessories Zulfi Alam explained that the company went through a variety of prototypes before settling on a design similar to the Xbox 360 peripheral.

"I don't want to go into specifics, but it's over $100 million for sure,” Alam said.

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Bigpappy1484d ago

It will easily pay for itself and yield a profit.

Kingthrash3601484d ago

yeah because you still need to buy a batterypack...smh that much money on a controller and still using battries smh.

IcicleTrepan1484d ago


I haven't seen a wireless controller yet that doesn't use batteries..

Eonjay1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It the same price as 200,000 consoles. The controller really didn't change that much. I would like them to hire me to do some research.

@Icicle... yeah the DS3 back in 2007...

Omegasyde1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Big Pappy really?

What besides the "rumble" triggers required such an investment in technology?

Better question is why a 60 controller (same price as a dualshock4 mind you) requires additional batteries?

minimur121484d ago

and this is the reason they are losing so much money in the Xbox division lol

ShinMaster1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Having a decent d-pad, face buttons and bumpers is all rocket science to Microsoft ...I kid, they must have spent it on vibrating triggers.

pyramidshead1484d ago

lol @ bigpappy crystalballing. They spent this much just to improve the d-pad and in the process made the bumpers worse and made it smaller. Apologist much.

UltimateMaster1484d ago

just 100$M?
They invested 2 billion on the first kinect and was....

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MajorGecko1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I don't care what anyone says, AA's are the best. Just pop them in and never charge your controller for the next month like a fire and forget missle instead of plugging dat shet in every night like your cell phone who has time for dat..

Edit: You can buy 48 pack of AA's for 12 dollars at Costco that last just as long as Durcell (I know been using batteries in controller since 2006) 48 AA's last you about a year for gaming.

Kingthrash3601484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

every month? with rumble motors? with rumble triggers? ok maybe if you played 5min a day for a month lol. any heavy gamer plays up to 10hr a day that will guve you a week tops, 3days with cheap batteries. thats 20 bucks a month bro. lol $20 that can goto two indie games a month...smh ill charge my controller every couple daysfor free..omg people like you acually exist?
$20 batteries
$7 live gold
$8-11 streaming app
$80 internet
$70 cable
$xx on games
your looking at $200+ dollas a month to get that $500 worth of x1 and its features to its full potential.. and you not mad over batteries? lol wow

hellzsupernova1484d ago

because fuck the environment

ShinMaster1484d ago

You just like to spend more money, don't you.
Packs of AA batteries for $12 or Play and charge kits for $25 per controller.

The year is 2013.

MajorGecko1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

those play and charge kits are garbage they die out and you need to have the cable plugged in dont come around telling me its flawless cos it isn't. AA batteries are flawless and people use those batteries in a lot more wasteful ways so keep thinking AA's are ancient they are here to stay and universal.

BTW I play Xbox like 4-5 hours a day I don't want to deal with charging my controller like its a phone I would rather put in batteries and forget about it till I don't feel rumble in a month.

I don't think a lot of you read 12$ a year for 1 heavy use controller, that's the price of a subway combo, and when my controller dies once a month I just pop in fresh batteries a lot easier then added cables and plugging it in every 2-3 days or after a day of heavy shooting in battlefield 4 get real guys.

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Magicite1484d ago

(which cost us $100m and is pretty much the same as previous)

mrmarx1484d ago

what a waste to make a controller that looks like the last one..

mananimal1484d ago

$100 mil & theres no rechargeable battery pack, lmao.

C-H-E-F1484d ago

All of that to still INCLUDE AA batteries? smh and they wonder why Microsoft is talking about killing the Xbox division smh.


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timmyp531484d ago

Should have stuck with them scent emitting controllers though. Shame on you.

Insomnia_841484d ago

$100 mil to only put rumble in the triggers. ..smh.

PoSTedUP1484d ago

right...?? give me 1million i woulda told them to keep the battery pack and add some rumble in the triggers....


pockets were lined with that development money,you can believe that!

Snookies121484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

I wish they'd fixed the D-pad with all that research. Seems like they once again focused on everything but that. At least, from what I can tell based on pictures. After I check it out the day after tomorrow, I'll definitely have a definitive answer.

Prime1571484d ago

I agree that they finally improved it. Ps3's dpad was a million times better. I remember when people saying the analog stick sucked and my response would be, "well, 360's is basically useless."

GTgamer1484d ago

100m in R&D and still end up with a controller similar to the 360 money not well spent.

Prime1571484d ago

Well, the person who took the lead on that was, "omg jackpot" as everyone thought that was the best controller ever.

Then that person went, "oh, if I make it too different people will think it sucks... Doesn't matter, I took that fee mill!"

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