See Next-Gen Screenshots Compared to Their E3 Reveal Trailers

8CN: Here's an interesting experiment. Now that the first wave of "next-gen" games have been released alongside the PlayStation 4, we can finally compare the final product to what was hyped at E3 and the various console reveal events.

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JetP06191732d ago

all these games were from the xbox one trailers. talk about downgrade.

Computersaysno1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Microsoft used high end PC hardware on their games, then the box turned out slower than some devs imagined by the looks of it. Sony did the opposite far as I heard.

EA sports titles were not really gameplay anyway there which explains the laughable differences in Madden, but stuff like Forza 5 has obvious downgrades from E3

cbuc11251731d ago

Ryse may still look good, but it looked better at E3...take off the blinders.

L0wbanR1730d ago

I agree. Getting PS4 btw.

Thatmattkid1731d ago

Christ! That link to the forza images was painful to look at. Surely this is false advertising. If I bought a piece of art and once it arrived in the post it looked barely comparable to the image of what I saw, I'd complain and demand a refund. It's this kinda lazy programming and misleading adverts that's starting to get on my nerves.