Xbox One can’t display available hard drive space

The lack of this bit of info isn’t detrimental, but it will get obnoxious for those that install games onto their Xbox One. Microsoft’s official reason for this decision is because the it wants the storage management on the Xbox One to be automatic — in that we’re not manually managing our storage space too often. You can, at least, view how much space each individual piece of software uses, so you can estimate how much free space is available on your hard drive.

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Ranma11734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

MS making people add the size of all the files together to determine the remaining space in this day and age?

"we aint doing geometry, were trying to play some games"- chad wardenn

Can only imagine how angrily fanboys would react when they find they dont have enough space. ??

Maddens Raiders1734d ago

"we ain't doing geometry..."

yeah I laughed. +1 for apropos chad warden comment.

Ranma11734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Am hoping chad warden makes some new video. that guy was mad & hilarious

I dont know if this image which he posted on 4chan during ps4 announcement is any indication

I hope so

sincitysir11734d ago

That is pretty funny!

Ot: I think the worst part is Microsoft chooses what to delete for u if u don't know how much space u have. Sure it's ur least used app but still it'd be nice if u got to choose deleting a indie title u played a week ago for ten minutes versus a big 45 gb game u haven't played in a month. I'm sure they will patch it in

MajorJackHoff1734d ago

I ain't tryin play my games with no deeldo

Ranma11734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )


"maybe if the game is like wario ware shuv up yo ass game, i dont know if theres any mini game where you have to shuv it up yo ass..."

Apparently this is his new youtube account:

MajorJackHoff1734d ago

I seen that fool back in the day when he first made his vids. I lost my shit when those people edited his videos to make him sound gay as hell lol. Ah man, good times.

SolidStoner1734d ago

xbone has dirty little secrets! ;)

UltimateMaster1733d ago

PS4 uses 100Gb, Gamers give them flack.
Xbox sees that, hides the available memory...

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GTgamer1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Ummm not being able to see how much space you have left is a big deal especially since these games are 45gb and up for next gen well guys time to keep a calculator handy your gonna need it.

Omegasyde1734d ago

You do realize you can stream your games from the clowd instantly right?

More Saving. More Doing. That is the power of the Home De....CLOUD.

Septic1734d ago

Yeah definitely a step backwards. I always check the hdd space on the 30. This is going to annoy me to no end.

OrangePowerz1734d ago

Stream from the cloud? You download the game likecon steam with the difference that you can start playing earlier. The PS4 doesbthe same.

People need to stop believing that cloud nonsense.

Volkama1734d ago

Thing with checking space is at the end of the day it's quite binary. You either have enough or you don't, and the console will tell you if you don't.

The way personal/critical data is synchronised with the cloud actually makes storage management very elegant, so this information is pretty much all you need.

It'd be nice to be able to order games/apps by space used to help determine what you want to delete when necessary, but that's hardly a deal breaker.

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Eonjay1734d ago

What in God's name is going on in that picture lol

Ranma11734d ago

7th generation console with 1st generation software...

i thought ms was software company?

LOL_WUT1734d ago

Not only that but the hardrive isn't even upgradable wth Microsoft ;)

Ranma11734d ago


your username perfectly sums it up

Godmars2901734d ago

MS's weakness with consoles has always been hardware. Even though this has to be too much to accept.

Snookies121734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Yeah, if this is true it's a facepalm moment. How can it not do something as simple as showing available space left? All it has to do is take numbers and subract them from a single value to display.

itisallaboutps1734d ago

It needs to be connected to the cloud to show available space

OlgerO1734d ago

What do you have to hide microsoft ?

ziggurcat1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

uh... what? shouldn't you be able to know how much HDD space you have available?

Riderz13371734d ago

They make you install every game you buy and they won't let you see how much space you have left...


ziggurcat1734d ago

and who knows how much space the OS/apps take up...

first1NFANTRY1734d ago

another face palm moment. at this rate our faces will be all sore lol

Agent_00_Revan1734d ago

At this point, there is a long term red mark in the shape of a hand on my face.

Every, EVERY, news story about the Xbox one is bad. Just bad, or something to make you go 'what were they thinking?'

This Next-gen 'All-in-one' media system simply wasnt and isn't ready. And No, but because of this issue. But because of ALL the issues we've been hearing about on an almost daily basis. It plain and simple, isn't ready.

first1NFANTRY1734d ago

i agree, the best thing MS could have done is delay the X1 till maybe Feb 2014. I guess money is more important than a completed console smh

Jamesonbond1734d ago

this doesnt seem right to me, i am willing to bet that it is displayed somewhere in the settings. Either trolls or literally they could not find it. Something like this doesnt seem right though it is definitely shown somewhere just gotta look in the settings etc.

OrangePowerz1734d ago

Nope and you can't see your save files either.

Volkama1734d ago

But the way save files are managed is pretty neat. If you delete the game from the hard drive then all the save files and DLC etc will be deleted locally, but remain on the cloud.

If you decide to play that game at a later date all your save files and content sync back up.

That's nice imo.

OrangePowerz1734d ago

If you don't have internet you cant access the saves. It's always better to have.them locally and a backup on the cloud.

Game and DLC isn't stored on, it's stored on store servers just like any other platform with an online store.

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