Microsoft CEO defends Xbox in final shareholder address

In his last shareholder address as Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer took time to defend Xbox and Bing as essential components of the company's broader vision after some have suggested it would be wise for Microsoft sell off these businesses to become more profitable.

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black0o1728d ago

kill bing keep the xbox

jimbobwahey1728d ago

I'd like to see them kill Xbox just for the utterly hilarious fallout that would follow. The N4G servers would go up in flames.

Magicite1728d ago

oh boy, that would be fun!

C-H-E-F1728d ago

hey look at the bright side atleast N4G will have to finally restructure their site. LMFAO, but it'd be hilarious if after like 3 years they drop the xox, because then they'd have to convert to ps4 for that console fever just like Dreamcast gamers LMFAO. Pays off to be loyal to a GREAT brand.

-SonyForLife lOl

UltimateMaster1728d ago

They could make tremendously more money if the Xbox were sold to another company.

Xbox One now focuses on TV series spin-off of games, something that Microsoft never even did before, they would need to invest even more to open up those studios or subsidizing the franchises would also cost $ and wouldn't be much in return.

The cost of Xbox out weights it's rewards.
1 billion was spend just to buy off 3rd party exclusives "which by reviews kinda suck so far".
2 Billion was used for kinect but gamers aren't that into it, but could be used for other means than gaming "which could be profitable when used in a good way".

Xbox can be easily sold to Apple or even Google.
Or even have it as a Stand-Alone entity.

Persistantthug1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

The XBOX brand will be in serious trouble if the XBOX One doesn't hit it out of the park.
It won't even be good enough if the XBONE does will need to be "Greatness" in order to silence Microsoft's high level investors that have wanted to do away with XBOX for most of the decade.

With Balmer gone, XBOX brand is in alot of potential danger.

Mikeyy1728d ago

If Balmer is even bothering with this, then there must be some Real major talk about selling off the Xbox brand.

dasbeer881728d ago

Is Steve Balmer a Freemason? o.O

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago ) things for DAMN sure,this is the last video game console from!

Magicite1728d ago

Balmer retired = Xbox retired.

Joe9131728d ago

There has been for years and one of the reasons Balmer is getting pushed out he would not listen when so many ppl told him to get rid of xbox before the 360 dropped.

christocolus1728d ago

Yeah....the xbx is here to stay

christocolus1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )


christocolus1728d ago

Check out the number of our fans want xbx to go....lmao.

insomnium21728d ago

Nah. You don't need to be a fanboy not to see all the BS that MS has either brought or tried to bring to this industry with x360 and xbo. All it takes is a clear view of things.

If you have a passion for gaming and a neutral standpoint chances are you dislike MS's acts as of late and with x360. You might even hate them enough to want to see them go away from this industry.

Joe9131728d ago

@insomnium2 I do think they will sell xbox but not because I am a fanboy but since I been hearing about this for so long and the only thing saving xbox has been Balmer and he is now leaving but ppl need to realize one of two things can happen a company like Google can buy it and make things cheaper and maybe better or Apple which will be IMO worst than Ms because if Apple owned xboxone that DRM stuff would not have been reversed Apple would force feed DRM and ppl would love it lol.

lifeisgamesok1728d ago

Right lol but if I would've said Playstation for life they would've gave me a bubble bath haha

Same ol n4g

insomnium21728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )


One company brings pay-to-play and DLC to consoles and keeps money hatting devs to get former exclusives and timed exclusives/timed DLC to their platform and the other company takes big financial risks in order to bring out a true next gen hw to gamers and keep pumping out good to great exclusive games year after year to their platform supporting all kinds of gamers.

In contrast the first company first lures people into their platform with games and after the honeymoon is over they completely abandon them and caters to other people leaving you starving for games for years. Literally YEARS. Alain Wake was the last core-audience-push they ever did. Everything else was already tried and tested formula and lots of safe bets thrown in.

MS is the cancer of this industry imo. If the above comparison didn't prove it how about the denying of RROD for 2 years with "you know things brake"? MS would've fallen flat with the kind of product that x360 was in every single other sektor of consumer goods other than gaming. With gaming people are way too loyal/blind and/or oblivious to these things. They either don't know, don't care or don't care to know on purpose about these things. Lucky MS.

No amount of "same ol N4G" will change the things that has happened. Or the way people feel about them and rightfully so.

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