Man arrested after Nintendo death threats

Kyoto police have arrested a 25-year old man for reportedly making threats against Nintendo. Via an online feedback form, the man named two company executives he planned to kill and described planting bombs at HQ.

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LOL_WUT1766d ago

Either the guy was disgruntled with how the company was handling its business as of late or he had a straight up vendetta against Nintendo's board members. ;)

Ranma11766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I know i shouldn't laugh. but am laughing

only cause am assuming , he wasnt being serious.

who makes death threats via a feedback form. lol

SonyNGP1766d ago

I guess he didn't understand.

CLOUD19831766d ago

If his reason was that Nintendo buy Monolith Soft I understand him very well this act deserve harsh punishment, how they can restrict talents of this caliber on the crappy Nintendo hardware that almost no1 buy? the low sales of games like Xenoblade & the upcoming X is their fault this games could sell so much more on PlayStation, such a shame.. :/

Misaka_x_Touma1766d ago

please tell me you aren't serious.