Can the Xbox One rise above Microsoft's PR blunders?

Business Spectator: As we reach the tail end of a seven-year-long video game console generation, the demand for shiny new toys is palpable. Luckily for consumers, both Microsoft and Sony will deliver this holiday season, with the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 going head-to-head, launching just one week apart.

This tight window has accentuated the rivalry between the two companies. The differences in the actual hardware are reportedly pretty slim, but the public relations circus during the countdown to launch has been fun to watch.

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Godmars2901735d ago

We wont know come launch. Ask again in a year when it'll actually mean something.

ShinMaster1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

IMO it wasn't just PR. It was the product itself that was the issue. If you have a great product and your message is clear, there wouldn't be any PR blunders in the first place.

1OddWorld1735d ago

Sure they can over come it. They just needed a little spanking by the fans to get them back on track. Oh and stop trying to compete with PS4 in terms of power and focus on the benefits of owning an XB1 which is the features. Everyone else will be playing catch up in terms of integration and features and that should be there selling point. Make sure your sh!t works flawlessly with the Kinect and it doesn't feel gimmicky, or It could be your dying breath.

Godmars2901735d ago

How is it missed that MS is in the position they're in now 1st and foremost because they actively showed contempt towards their fans with the original DRM policies? The weaker than PS4 performance issues came later.

if they're going to get over it the only way is with results. Further empty PR talk, undelivered promises with Kinect and "Da Cloud", will only hurt them more. And that's only going to take time to realize.

Dragonborn3121735d ago

I believe so. I think that the PR issues are in the past now, and that it will only improve going forward, as they seem to be doing pretty well now with the advertisements, having a clear balance of focus between the games and the entertainment features.

LOGICWINS1735d ago

They went hard on Comedy Central tonight. Key and Peele did multiple XB1 ads. Funny because during E3 I suggested that Key and Peele should do an ad for Sony. MS was smart to scoop them up.

Dragonborn3121735d ago

Really? That is so awesome. I love Key and Peele. I will definitely need to check those ads out. Thanks for letting me know!

LOGICWINS1735d ago

Just a heads up. They'll also be on Arsenio 2morrow night :)

Majin-vegeta1735d ago

Lol gotta love that shot.

This is by far their best one xD.

OT:Don;t think so most gamers have already spoken.

LOGICWINS1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Majin, you really need to send me that batch of Koolaid you like drinking. I got a bachelor party comin up.

The PS4 hasnt even hit the 1.5 million mark yet and the XB1 isn't even officially available to the public. In what type of Sarah Palin-esque logic have most gamers already made their decision? You realize these consoles will be around for the next six years correct?

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LOGICWINS1735d ago

Sure why not? If the PS3 can come back from the "you'll want to get a second job to buy one" blunder, I don't see why the Xbox One can't.

ziggurcat1735d ago

that wasn't the smartest moment, but it was not nearly as bad as:

deal with it
we have an offline console, it's called the xbox 360
you can't just flip a switch
hiding from the media during leading up to, during, and after E3
720p - it's the motion of the ocean excuse

MS leading up to the launch of the console has pretty much been this:

LOGICWINS1735d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The majority of people who will buy an Xbox One won't know or care about anything you just mentioned.

You really believe the average Xbox owner knows who Adam Orth or Don Mattrick is...much less the things they've said?

Do you truly believe that the mainstream gamer is as petty as the Internet console warrior to complain about DRM on the Xbox One...something that isn't even there anymore?

Move along people, just another person who believes that most consumers are as obsessive and vindictive as the common Internet fanboy...not realizing that most of these consoles will be sold by word of mouth and 30 second TV ads.

ziggurcat1734d ago

your logic can be applied to the sony gaffe you mentioned.

pre-orders were abysmal before they reversed their policies, so... evidence suggests that the mainstream/average gamer did actually care about those things.

the mom/dad buying the system for their kid(s) probably had no clue, but the gamer (whether it be core or mainstream) was probably more than aware of the statements that were made.

LOGICWINS1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

You still don't get. Only HARDcore(not mainstream) gamers pre-order consoles 4-6 months in advance. Im tallking about the average joe, the people who REALLY matter in terms of long term consoles success after the first 8 months or so.

Did the DRM have an impact, yes. Was that impact as detrimental as you make it seem? Absolutely not.

The majority of people dont play consoles wars. They simply buy what they think they'll like or buy what their friend has.

Both Microsoft and Sony are starting with clean slates in 2014.

ziggurcat1734d ago

that's because your logic makes no sense...

you're saying:

sony gaffe = really horrible blunder that damaged sony's rep, but they bounced back.

MS gaffes = whatever, man... the "average" gamer wouldn't have seen or heard any of these (arguably worse) statements, so...

why would there have been any bouncing back if the average gamer wouldn't have seen or heard the "get a second job" statement? and how is that statement way worse than the multiple MS blunders over the last 6 months?

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MRMagoo1231735d ago

Sony never said that tho lol , its the same thing with the ppl bringing up them saying pixar graphics when it was not sony that said that either.

Sony also didnt need to make a comeback they where going to be the beat the 360 anyway they just had to catch up on the year gap even at the far higher price.

mananimal1735d ago


NO........& Im lovin every moment of their demise.

1735d ago
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