Xbox One: 15 things you need to know

Microsoft's new console may seem daunting, but here are some key points about the new do-nearly-everything gaming machine.

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razrye1766d ago

It's titled xbox one 15 things you need to know but the ps4 is mentioned numerous times. Also the ps4 is compatible with tv remotes. Stop lying.

Drewidian1766d ago

OK... I've seen the Stop lying comment all over this site now, and while it was not asked thoroughly enough, I don't think it was a lie. I think they didn't have a CEC enabled TV at the time the Verge/Polygon did their testing and that's why they said it didn't work, because under their scenario, it didn't. The PS4 doesn't support IR Blasting while the XBox One did along with the CEC controls. So while it wasn't a lie, it wasn't the whole truth either.

GameHead851766d ago

"The hard drive is not user replaceable (unlike with the PS4)"

Really? You can't even replace the HD yourself if it fails or upgrade it?

At least with the 360 you can buy a new and bigger HD on, lets say, amazon and put it in yourself. Hopefully it the next 6 months or so M$ will put that option on the market.

Drewidian1766d ago

The 500GB HD is not replaceable on the Xbox One, but they did say that they would allow external USB3 drives to be plugged in shortly after launch. That is something the PS4 can't do and haven't said would support in the future. While you can replace the PS4 500GB drive with up to a 1.2 - 2 TB internal drive, the 500 GB drive is now useless for that system.

Also the smaller 2.5 inch laptop drives are typically more expensive and slower than the typical 3 inch hard drive that is typically used in external enclosures unless you go SSD which will be too expensive for most people.