It's Not Just a Game. It's $20 an Hour: Thor: The Dark World Review: Hardcore Droid

There was a time when Gameloft was one of the favorite mobile developers of traditional core gamers. Sure, some of their games cost $7 or $8, but they offered the kind of experience that you’d expect from a handheld console, not a phone. Recently, Gameloft has been shifting more and more its traditional games to free-to-play schemes, with mixed results. Games like Asphalt 8 manage to retain their fun factor, but others like Dungeon Hunter 4 have squandered much of their potential with frustrating mechanics designed to bilk players out of money. Thor: The Dark World, follows in the footsteps of the latter, but despite its superficial similarities, it has no such potential to squander in the first place.

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TheEnigma3131704d ago

I doubt anyone bought this. Movie games sucks.

GentlemenRUs1704d ago

All movie title games flop, It's the way of life.

TheEnigma3131704d ago

That's true. That came out years after the movie, so they had time to perfect it.

porkChop1704d ago

Goldeneye and the Riddick games say hi.

OhMyGandhi1703d ago

replayed both riddick games for the third time just recently. The sense of atmosphere in those games...such enthralling experiences.