A closer look at the Xbox One and remote play: Why is this feature missing?

Given this baseline, it’s genuinely puzzling that the Xbox One completely lacks any sort of game streaming capability. Nor has Microsoft ever discussed adding one. Unlike cloud offload, media partnerships, or alliances with streaming capabilities, the idea of leveraging its enormous PC ecosystem isn’t something Microsoft is willing to talk about.

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lastofgen1704d ago

I think we'll see the feature roll out soon.
Remember that meeting microsoft had about azure's streaming capabilities from an xbox using smartphones and pc's? We can see that becoming a reality pretty soon, I hope.

Edsword1704d ago

Maybe, but what are you going to play it on? The vita is. Dedicated gaming device that works beautifully with the ps4. I don't really want to use touch controls on a smart phone.

Fixay1704d ago

Didn't Micro say something recently like people don't wanna play their games on smaller screen but rather have a screen for doing other stuff.

Made me think of that BF4 feature where you could use a tablet for menus etc

Pretty sure they would do something along those lines

GrandTheftZamboni1704d ago

So you'll have a controller and a tablet. What happened with "YOU are the controller"?

nukeitall1704d ago

... and they are right!

Streaming games requires an excellent internet connection, so it is limited to local play. If you are local, why not just play on the console itself.

This is more a gimmick, than actual useable feature in my opinion.

Now, the Wii U has a second screen experience which is interesting more like SmartGlass.

dcj05241704d ago

@ nuketail maybe I'm watching my little brother/sister or during lunch break I can play BF4 at work or if somebody wants me to watch a awful TV shotw with them. Well VITA to the rescue. Plus at hotels you can play PS4 without having to set it up and carry it around. At the mall you can play your PS4 while your girlfriend takes hours picking out random stuff. Lots of uses.

mcgrottys1703d ago

Which in PR terms means, "we believe people would prefer smart glass over streaming a game at this time" They will have streaming they have it working well with server 2012 (I've used it to stream games to my laptop with little to no noticeable lag. However that was over the 100mb/s internet speeds that my university has. So I'm sure they are going to have it soon. Also DX11.1 and 11.2 have added API features for game streaming.

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Langkasuka1704d ago

I think Major Nelson was interviewed on this by Forbes. He said that Xbox are not looking for remote play because "... they [gamers] just don’t want to have the same exact screen shrunk down for a lot of different reasons, you know, the horsepower of Xbox One is there..."

For this, MS prefers their SmartGlass tech to lean toward game support and multiplayer/co-op than game streaming, such as an App that comes with the Game your friend can download into mobile device and help you.

I'm not sure if we will ever see Xbox AAA exclusives playable in a handheld gaming device, since it looks like X1 is more oriented toward a home entertainment unit.

DEEBO1704d ago

Remote play is the best feature to me.

caseh1704d ago

Why would you drop £350+ on a ps4/xb1 just so you can play it on a 5 inch screen?

If the justification is 'it frees up the TV' then perhaps people should consider buying another TV. :)

Sloth-Eater1704d ago

It's actually a very good idea. I have kids and they like cartoons on our main screen so my ps4 will be in my bedroom. So if my partner wants to watch some crap on the tv and I can't be arsed taking my ps4 downstairs I can just bang in my headset and play away. Plus vita on its own has the movies coming and a few good games coming out.

DeadManIV1704d ago

the reason i'm getting a vita is because i have a ton of PS plus games racked up for it, along with persona - i'm a happy man

Stick891704d ago

You wouldn't drop the money on a PS4/XB1 for the sole intent of playing them on 5" screens.

Having the ability to play the console from anywhere (at least in your house) when the TV your console is connected to is occupied, in a different room you want to be in, etc... THAT's when Remote Play on a 5" screen comes into it's own.

C-H-E-F1704d ago

Why comment without thinking out what you say thoroughly? Obviously you don't have a sibling, parent, girlfriend, wife, son, daughter or anyone for the matter that for whatever reason wants to watch the TV that your ps4 is connected to. For those who have such people in their lives find the Vita of GREAT value especially with these bogus reality shows. I for one find it of great value because of the "wife" situation. Plus I love my Vita games and will be looking forward to soul sacrifice this month :D.

nukeitall1704d ago

Remote play is a nice feature for those that own a PS Vita, but I having to purchase an expensive PS Vita for this makes no sense, when I can get a 32" TV for less!

Hicken1704d ago

@nukeitall: I can't understand how you continue to gain bubbles with completely uneducated comments like that.

The Vita is $200. Add in a decent sized memory card to make it $250. And you've got your own games to play on it, PLUS it allows you to play your PS4 games wherever you can get an internet connection.

How in the hell is a 32" TV a good alternative to that? Even if you COULD get a decent quality TV for the same price, it would have to stay wherever you put it.

Your alternative simply makes NO sense. And it's typical of your comments, yet...

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Edsword1704d ago

Remote play is awesome. Just last night I was playing ac4 and realized how great the experience was on vita.

xboned_you1704d ago

Sony said it best "Greatness Awaits" did they not? Both system will eventually do what they were intended to do! Lets just say were in a massive beta for 2 years

FANTA11801704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

remote play just isnt anything special.

it is a good way to sell ps vita to loyal sony users.

Game0N1704d ago

Um. Playing KZ while sitting on the toilet is very special my dear friend.

FANTA11801704d ago

i dont sit on the toilet for more than a few minutes.

65" led > ps vita

FunAndGun1704d ago

65" led with PS Vita > 65" led

I PS4 on my Vita in bed too!

Edsword1704d ago

So sorry xb1 doesn't do this man. But don't act like it's not a cool feature just because it's no to xb1.

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