First Impressions: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! | Clearance Bin Review

First Impressions is a close look at the crucial first hour spent with a game and its’ ability to draw you in or turn you away. Somewhere between a review and a preview.

Ugh, the dirge of licensed titles. History has, unfortunately, shown us that no studio, no creator and no IP is exempt from half-hearted attempts to cash in on the latest fad (there’s a video game based on rubber bracelets). The first, and thus far only, Adventure Time game – 2012′s Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! – was a fun surprise for fans (especially us old farts), melding classic 8-bit motifs with the TV shows’ unique characters and style of humor.

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Nevers0ft1730d ago

Poor reviews for this game keep pouring in. I actually had this on pre-order at one point but cancelled due to the overwhelming stench coming from early reviews... I'll save my money for something more deserving - I wonder if there are plans to release Gauntlet on the Wii U? :)

cleft51730d ago

At least rent the game and find out for yourself if it is good or bad. Making a purchase decision based on reviews, particular nowadays, is just a bad idea.

Nevers0ft1730d ago

I'll definitely keep my eye on it but I've seen several reviews slamming it for the same reasons... It's just not "Gauntletty" (totally a word) enough, and it looks and plays like crap.

I tend not to rent so if I do ever pick this up, it'll be from the bargain bin I think, just so I can say I've played it (I'm a grown man and LOVE Adventure Time ;))