PSLS: Warframe Review (PS4)

In a free-to-play world, where Ninjas carry guns and always have a sword handy, it’s best not to piss one off.

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ftwrthtx1730d ago

For a free-to-play game, you can't beat this.

BigPete79781730d ago

Still need to try it out. Game looks good.

pain777pas1729d ago

Its my sleeper hit right now. Unexpectedly fun. Def check it out.

itBourne1730d ago

Been playing it with my buddies, is a freaking blast, cant beat it, since its free lol.

Fishy Fingers1730d ago

One of the better F2P games I've played. Personally think the scores a little generous though.

WildArmed1730d ago

I think it's fine. I'd personally rate it a 7, a game that's fun to play for the first dozen or so hour, but after that the lack of content really gets to you.

Unless you are into farming for weapons and frames, the game becomes uninteresting fast. But at a free price point, that warrants an at least a 7 in my book.

The platforming is very fun, and so is the combat. I play as a melee build, and doing crazy stunts is what kept me interested for awhile.

Definitely not something I'd play w/o a few friends though.

chrissx1730d ago

Imagine how great upcoming F2P games on Ps4 will be when they are this awesome now

tigertron1730d ago

I'll be downloading this day one (29th).

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